IM BACK!!! Kid free for a while πŸ˜

Wow! What a week!

I’m not a gardener, I can grow weeds!

Now I have a nice bit of garden, it’s not fantastic, but it’s getting there.

Paul has done a lot of the donkey work with tidying and digging over the bald patches of lawn, I did help, but he definitely did the lions share, this week, with the help of nieces, I was able to plant out some herbs and onions…. and I have basil shoots already… so excited! As for the onions, slight error on my part, I now have 8 pots and tubs of them in my small patch of eden. As I’m new to this, I fully expect to kill some of them off, but still, hopefully a good yield anyway.

We planted sunflowers a couple of months ago, half of them, the ones in pots, have survived and are growing wonderfully!

And our bald lawn patches… there are “tufts” as Paul calls them of fresh green grass growing!

Other than gardening, we took the kids to whipsnade zoo last wednesday, had our lunch in a great thunderstorm, soggy sarnies… nice! And of course saw loads of animals. Kids loved it, as did we, but we had chippy that night. Oops.

Got some new marbling oils a few weeks ago, so that provided another afternoons entertainment for the kids.

We had the kids a day longer than usual, but Sofia behaved better than usual so it wasn’t too hard a week.

Sofia managed to have no strops, not even little strops. And as for Lilly, or as I like to call her, little miss elbows, she is very close to recognising and understanding numbers 1 to 10, and can now read a good 12 or 13 words from the peter and Jane book I got here, she is even beginning to be able to make up sentences with those words I wrote down and cut out for her! I’ll only have 1 more week with her, as she is going back to nursery, but I’m hoping she’ll definitely understand her numbers and know a few more words by then.

There’s been catching up with people too.

Saw Amy and Katie on Saturday night, which was lovely.

Had a bbq round at lou and Gwen’s on Sunday, with Paul’s sister and kids, so nice to spend time with family.

Saw my friend yesterday, it felt like we hadn’t had a cuppa and natter in years, not months!

For regular readers, you’ll know I started, and then failed, to do updates during the week. Having got on the scales this morning I wish I had made the time, I have put weight on!

However yesterday Paul and I went shopping and we’ve got only the foods we had before the virus, so this week at least will be a full on healthy eating week, which started this morning.

We went for a walk yesterday, only 3km. I find that any walking I do now makes my hips ache, with luck this will ease the more walking I do.

I went for a decent walk today, around 6km, it was slow, 1hr 22mins, but it was a good walk. Paul outdid me though, 50km bike ride 🀣

So that’s my catch up, I’ll post a proper daily update tonight.


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Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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