19th July – a relatively relaxing end to the week.

Hey all, hope you are well.

Firstly, a couple more photos from yesterday, provided by Amy.

And moving on…

Slept like a log last night, got up just twice for loo stops, fell straight back to sleep. Woke around 7.30am, got up around 8.30am.

You know I was writing about heel pain a post or two ago? Yesterday Paul suggested I go to Skeggy in trainers, not boots. I didn’t see how this could help, I love my boots, have had them for about two years, and this heel pain has only been in the last few months.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, Paul is right (shhhh, don’t let him know šŸ˜‰). I have not had that pain at all. Yes my feet are a bit achy, but not the horrible agony!

On trying to understand what the difference is, I’ve realised I’ve only been wearing one pair of socks these last few months, so i shall go back to two, maybe that will help with shock absorbency, and maybe my feet are thinner too, so the boot may be looser too.

If I still have pain I’ve got insoles for boots which might help if necessary.

Mum came round today, she and Paul don’t have an easy relationship but it was a lovely afternoon.

The visit was twofold, one – catch up and dinner, two – tell us what we can throw out from the shed and what she can take back to hers (for those who don’t know, we bought the house from mum after my stepdads death, the shed never got sorted).

Mum’s always had issues with her teeth, and a huge fear of dentists thanks to poor work when mum was a kid, however she is currently in the middle of major dentistry which will give her fixed falsies and a tonne of confidence. Right now though food has to be a considered affair.

We didn’t really have anything in the freezer, I decided on cottage pie with veggies slightly over cooked, and hit the shops after a breakfast of sausage roll.

The dinner went down well with mum and Paul.

My uncle and his wife have been baking during these last few months, and always bring mum something when they visit for games on Saturday evenings. Mum brought round some of this weeks deliciousness! Ginger cake!!

It just so happens we had some custard in the cupboard, light custard of course, so we had cake and custard for desert.

We also had some honeycomb, and a sharing bag of crisps.

I’ve had several teas and Pepsi maxes, but no water today.

Below is my challenge board for this week.

So not a great day in terms of my health and fitness, but tomorrow will be the start of another week, one I’m (currently) looking forward to working hard on more exercise than last week and great healthy, tasty eating šŸ˜‹

So the end of another week, bring on the next!

Night all

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Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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  1. you walked around, you ate good looking food, and you had a nice day with family, sounds like a pretty good health and fitness day to me šŸ™‚

    health and fitness isn’t always about going hard, sometimes it is about doing things that make you feel good.

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