Weight Loss? Time To Give It Another Go!!

Hello and welcome, my name is Jo, I’m 44 years old and 16 stone and 13 lbs, that’s 108 kg. According to the NHS website my healthy weight is between 8 and 11 stone. Now, I’m never gonna reach 8, 9 or 10 stone, but I might, just might, be able to make it to 11! IF and it’s a huge IF I can keep myself motivated!

So, this blog is going to be my journal – Short term, I want to lose 2 stone by the end of September – I’m going away for the weekend to North Wales and I want to be able to walk around without being knackered, and I want to wear comfortable walking trousers, not squeeze into clothes too small cos apparently fatties like me don’t like walking :D. This is my short term goal.

Long term? Well I would love to be a UK size 14, I would like to go for nice long walks without my back, ankles and knees groaning, and still be able to talk to my partner instead of wheezing at him. And I would love to have the choice of clothes available to more slender women, and feel good in them. I know I have cheekbones, I would just love to see them :). And eventually…. give up the fags!

I’m not a fan of fad diets, I believe we’ve evolved as a race to enjoy so much that grows on this planet, and I couldn’t, ever, go without my carbs (or sugar, or meat, or salt… you get the picture). So for me, it’s prescribing to that rather boring philosophy of eating less, eating more healthy and moving more! And let’s not forget that sprinkly stuff – WATER (urgh).

I’ll be posting updates and pics of me, weight loss tickets (or gain – I am afterall a yoyoer) meals and recipes. I’ll be looking at popular beliefs surrounding this world of health and letting you know what I think. Although, please bare in mind I am absolutely not a professional in this field, I work in admin, so this will be just my thoughts 🙂

As a working women who’s quite lazy at preparing lunches, you’ll see the same thing lunch wise most of the time, and like most people I get stuck in the usual weekly meal plan, but will look to vary this somewhat. I’ll also include links to websites I have gotten any recipes from.

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  • 13th Sept 2019 – another good day!

    September 13, 2019 by

    Evening all 😊 Today was a good day, tummy isn’t hurting so much, thank goodness! Had grapes, cherries, strawberries and nuts in the morning. Met mum for lunch and made healthy choices. Then for dinner, healthier fish and chips, with my sweetcorn and peas. Well… it should have been fish and chips! Again apparently there… Read more

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