14th Sept 2019 – what a lovely day, and it’s not over yet.

Having some kids round was agreed during the week, and being fools neither Paul nor I thought about food! So after fighting the kids into the bathroom, not too bad for the girls, especially as the older one knows she can only have a spray of my perfumes if she’s clean, but the boy…  WELL… […]

13th Sept 2019 – another good day!

Evening all 😊 Today was a good day, tummy isn’t hurting so much, thank goodness! Had grapes, cherries, strawberries and nuts in the morning. Met mum for lunch and made healthy choices. Then for dinner, healthier fish and chips, with my sweetcorn and peas. Well… it should have been fish and chips! Again apparently there […]

Part 1 – JAMAICA – some cool facts!

My guilty pleasure with this blog has been to click ‘year’ in my stats, and then scroll down to countries! So many people from so many different countries have visited my tiny little blog. So I thought, how great would it be to do a quick internet delve and find a few cool facts about […]

12th Sept 2019 – good food day.

Another day down, another good food day 😊 Monthly meltdown is now in full, pill popping swing, I feel bloated, grouchy and achy. I’m hoping for a short one as we have three monsters this weekend and the older two don’t get on! I fear there might be some telling off this weekend! I didn’t […]

Let’s talk – Let’s combat hunger!

Paul, my beloved, said something last week which I disagree with. He was talking about how hungry he was, and then added, but then he’s on a diet, so that’s what is expected. Now I disagree with him on both points. As far as I am concerned, I’m looking for a lifestyle change, what I […]

11th Sept 2019 – another good food and exercise day!

Tried my lactose free milk today… NO TUMMY ISSUES – YAY! Had my usual daytime food, 1 egg, 1 handful of nuts, grapes, cherries and strawberries, then my salad for lunch. No sneaky oven baked crisps today! The girls came round for dinner today, so I cooked chicken breast in a Maggie bag, with peppers, […]

My thoughts on Blogging as a Newbie

Good Morning 🙂 Sometime ago, I was chatting to my daughter and my mum (separate conversations – I can chat inanely!) about starting a diary recording my ‘weight loss journey’, I tried and failed, both in my diary and my weight loss…. again! Then a couple of months ago I was chatting my poor daughters […]

10th Sept 2019 – successful exercise and healthy food day.

Today I was more thankful than usual for the time spent prepping my lunches. So glad that’s how I prioritised my time last night, rather than doing exercises. Don’t get me wrong, I felt rubbish for not exercising, but I don’t think the brain or body was willing or able to do both last night. […]

9th Sept 2019 – what a day!

My day has been long and hard, and anyone I’ve spoken to feels exactly the same! Here’s to hoping the rest of the week us better than today! Anyway, on to my daily log. Today was a salvaged food day, I had 1 hard boiled egg, 60g raisins, 25ishg nuts, a couple of mouthfuls of […]

8th Sept 2019 – family feast!

What a lovely day! My side of the family was here for dinner today, all bar my daughter’s other half, who was unfortunately working. My aunt is flying up to my cousin tomorrow, so she was also able to join us today. Somehow we all managed to fit round two tables 👏 Anyway, I started […]

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