20th July – a great start!

Hiya all, hope your Mondays have been OK. I am so chuffed with my day! I wanted today to be a good exercise day, and it was. Let’s start at the beginning… So sleep was crap. For breakfast I had my usual 40g natural nuts and 75g dried fruits along with a cup of tea […]

17th April – a decent day

Evening all, hope you are well and safe. Nothing much to report today, other than…. the never-ending monthly has nearly come to a close!!! WOOHOO!!!! Work has been work, nothing really going on there. With regards to “The Snowdon Challenge”, I woke up a little tender today, but nothing serious. Learning from the last couple […]

15th April – I saved a bee :)

Hiya All, hope you are well and safe 🙂 Just found I hadn’t published this… such a donkey! I still have my cold with my heavy head, and I’m still on, but apart from that, I’m feeling quite good! Before I went to bed last night I noticed a bee on the curtain by my […]

7th April – a better day.

Hey all, hope you are keeping well and safe. Today has been a better day. I didn’t have the most amazing sleep, but it was much better than the night before. Work was work. Nothing to report. Pains have been sporadically non existent and very bad. Also still on 😦 I did a strength programme […]

6th April – Feeling drained

Hey all, hope you are keeping well. Today has been quite a rough day. I had just over 5 hours sleep, so have felt worn out all day. On top of this, still on, and pains from years ago becoming worse 😦 Looking forward to seeing mum and Chelle later, we’re having a video call […]

31st March – A Catch Up

Hey All, hope these times aren’t weighing too heavily on you. I keep having mood swings, nothing bad, nothing to worry about, just enough to make me not bother with stuff. Unfortunately this blog being one of them. So what I’ve decided is this, I’m not going to put you good people through my mood […]

24th March – not a bad day

Hey all, hope you are ok. I’m working from home as is as many people as possible. Unfortunately, the situation as it is means there is very little work coming in, this means I’m sitting in front of my computers all day with bugger all to do. I am thankful of course that I at […]

Since last we spoke….

Oh dear, where on Earth do I start! Firstly an apology, it has been way too long, I very nearly didn’t write this post, not sure what I’m worried about, perceived failure maybe? I don’t know. However, I know that when I get my backside into swing again, this will be a very vital part […]

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