Hi all, what a strange few days! So, first off…  Still a non smoker!  Naughty nicotine monster is still there, still hanging around inside my head, but I’m stronger!  Weighed myself in Boots the other day, since my last weigh in in March, I’ve lost the grand some of 4lb. I wasn’t sure if I […]

26th June – Unexpected exercise!

Quick update, Paul half heartedly suggested a walk, I half heartedly agreed to a short walk, we’ve just done an hours walk, distance just over 4km! Happy days! It was nice as the sun’s gone down and there’s a bit of a breeze. Night

15th April – I saved a bee :)

Hiya All, hope you are well and safe 🙂 Just found I hadn’t published this… such a donkey! I still have my cold with my heavy head, and I’m still on, but apart from that, I’m feeling quite good! Before I went to bed last night I noticed a bee on the curtain by my […]

23rd March – A good start!

Evening all, I hope you are well and safe in these uncertain times. First and foremost, as ever you wonderful people, I felt very encouraged by your comments, so thank you very, very much WordPress fam! It is wonderful to know there are people around the world ready to bolster my flagging soul when needed, […]

20th Feb – who needs motivation when you’ve got determination!

Evening all! Today at work has been an extraordinarily frantic day! Thankfully I was in the office. I will be pleased to see the back of this week. Unfortunately Paul didn’t get a chance to pick up salad yesterday, so I was, well… not good! And then there was a really good moment! I grumbled […]

18th Feb – ok, some good choices!

Hey all, hope your Tuesday has been a good day 🙂 If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I planned to have a small bit of chocolate and a cuppa after writing up my post. I had the tea, I didn’t bother with the chocolate 😇 My choices and mood have improved… slowly… throughout the […]

11th Feb – first walk of the week done!

Hey all Walk now done and finishing off a can of Pepsi max opened at dinner! Somehow, despite living around her all my 45 years, I missed a turn, so the walk was a little longer than anticipated 😆 Anyway, that’s 1 of 2 walks done for the week, and another 37 minutes of moderate […]

7th Feb – exercise… and my treat?

Hey all, For those who read my previous post, you’ll know I was enjoying a glass of Welsh cream liqueur, and decided I would reward myself with another glass on my return. We went for a walk, initially I was thinking of a 30 minute amble, nothing hard going. We did amble and chat. It […]

24th Jan – a nice gentle walk.

Hiya, We did a walk. Nice and gentle. Took us just over 40 minutes and we chatted the whole way round. And I’ve got 2 portions of dairy. Turns out I could have had Greek yoghurt, Paul had popped to the shop to pick some up! However I’m just not feeling a bowl of food […]

14th Jan – surprisingly lovely dinner!

Hey all, Today has been the kind of work day I’m glad to see the back off. There was nothing particularly bad about the day, not overly busy or anything, I’m just glad to be home. I’m full on into monthly meltdown at the moment, a bit odd as I didn’t seem to get a […]

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