14th Jan – surprisingly lovely dinner!

Hey all, Today has been the kind of work day I’m glad to see the back off. There was nothing particularly bad about the day, not overly busy or anything, I’m just glad to be home. I’m full on into monthly meltdown at the moment, a bit odd as I didn’t seem to get a […]

10th Jan 2020 – an okish day

Hey all, First and foremost, a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you 🍾 So, catch up post done and dusted earlier today, it’s time now to get back to routine…. for blog posts at least 🤣 I had today off work, our home was a mess! Now it looks homely again. I also wanted to […]

I've missed you!

Paul, if you’re reading, im sorry in advance my love for the rant. Hey all, oh my word, it feels like a life time since we’ve swapped snippets of our lives! I’ll do a quick review of, well, everything since my last post. Pete – It is with sadness that I report Pete, a wonderful, […]

7th Nov 2019 – a good food day, exercise still to do.

Hey all, driving has not been my friend today! It took me an hour to crawl the 7 miles to work, so I was late for the first time ever this morning. Then tonight, I did a full day on the office, so drove home in the dark… first time this winter. Katie’s phoned to […]

6th Nov 2019 – good day. Busy time coming up.

Hey all, hope you are well. I’m going to struggle keeping up with you guys over the next few days. We have a funeral on Friday, my in-laws over on Saturday and visiting a birthday neice on Sunday. So please bear with me, I will get round to catching up on your posts, it’s just […]

YouTube exercises I’ve used and what I think!

Good morning All, hope you are all well 🙂 I’m hoping this post finds anyone who feels like they may want to give some exercises a try, but are not sure where to start, or are nervous. I’ve been there too, am still there! but hopefully this post might just give you a little positive […]

Determined exercises!

Got up, made damn sure I exercised! Started with the stretches, went on to the strength programme, did the quick cardio, then tried beginner Zumba! It’s fair to say, although good fun, I blatantly have absolutely NO rythym 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Would also advise wearing clothes, I thought, I’m gonna get sweaty, only me around, pair of […]

2nd Oct 2019 – good food day, some exercise and emergency housework!

Evening all, hope this post finds you well. Got a message from Paul before he left work to let me know our eldest niece is coming round tomorrow, so it’s gonna be a takeaway. I’ll have to try and order the least bad thing going. What our nieces visit also means is that I’ll need […]

23rd Sept 2019 – great exercise and food day!

Hiya all, hope you are well! Thought I would start this post with a bit of internal reflection. On past attempts, I started of extremely motivated, and then after a few weeks, look for cheats, ie, deliberately not eat anything for hours before weighing. Or deliberately eat something wholly unhealthy as soon as the weigh […]

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