8th Oct 2019 – good food day, good exercise day!

Evening all, hope you are well. Talk about achy! I was a bit worried I had no hamstrings, given I never felt the stretch I was supposed to be feeling… I’m relieved to say my body IS normal… since my cardio yesterday I can confirm my hamstrings have been stretched 🤣 Today has been a […]

Quick update

I’m not going to eat the yoghurt after all. This is a shame, I think I’ve mentioned before, this is something I’ve added to my diet for two reasons, dairy increase – I want to give my bones as much chance as possible for health, and gut bacteria – apparently proper Greek yoghurt (not Greek […]

25th Sept 2019 – a good food and exercise day

Evening all, hope you are well 😊 All in all today has been a good day. Was busy at work this afternoon, so my lunch and exercises got pushed back a bit, but that’s not really causing any issues. So, to the day…. Food – normal daily food, 28g nuts, 160g fruit, 1 banana at […]

19th Sept 2019 – great food and exercise day.

Evening all, hope you are well. The pain in my side has gone, no idea when, I simply noticed it wasn’t there! My hip is no where near as bad as it was yesterday, good job as it’s gonna be worked again tomorrow morning (c25k day). Traffic was bad coming home from work, no idea […]

Exercise – sweating just thinking about it!

I’m lazy, as lazy as a person can be. For a couple of years, Paul and I would go for regular walks, every evening (weather dependent), sometimes going for a good few miles, other times, just doing two miles, that was great, got us out of the house, got us chatting. It did feel good, […]

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