6th Nov 2019 – good day. Busy time coming up.

Hey all, hope you are well. I’m going to struggle keeping up with you guys over the next few days. We have a funeral on Friday, my in-laws over on Saturday and visiting a birthday neice on Sunday. So please bear with me, I will get round to catching up on your posts, it’s just […]

5th Nov 2019 – a much better day!

Hey all, Had a much calmer night sleep last night. Maybe Paul being at home isn’t so bad after all 🤣 Having said that, I was rudely woken an hour earlier than necessary because Paul hadn’t set his alarm back to 7! Mum had warned me last night that she’d planned belly pork for tonight’s […]

30th Oct 2019 – a good food and exercise day.

Good evening all, hope you are all well. Today has been a mixed bag at work, but at least today was hump day! My coccyx and stomach are making me reach for tablets today. Roll on menopause! Unfortunately I think I’ve got a while yet, I’ve been as regular as clockwork this last year, just […]

22nd Oct 2019 – great food and exercise day 😁

Evening all, hope you are well! Today has been a good day, another day I can be confident in helping my old body along. And my mum very kindly cooked up some carrots again to go with dinner, I do like carrots but don’t bother at home because Paul isn’t keen. So here we go, […]

21st Oct 2019 – great food and exercise day!

Evening all, hope your day has been good. I feel very accomplished today, I’ve almost hit my goals, and I’m feeling very pleased with my comparison photos (that’s on my previous post), and happily motivated rather than grittily determined to carry on with this journey of mine! And speaking about the comparison photos, since posting […]

17th Oct 2019 – fantastic food and exercise day…

But, BLOODY HELL am I knackered!!! Evening all, hope your day has been good. My day started disappointingly, again I didn’t get up in time to do my stretches, but as Paul was cooking dinner (scrummy liver) I squeezed it in when I got home from work. As knackered as I am, questioning whether I […]

15th Oct 2019 – good food day, will be good exercise day

Hey all, hope you are well. First things first, after last night’s post, I had greek yoghurt with seeds and honey. I’m writing up this post earlier than usual, our eldest niece has invited us round for dinner, and I know I wont have much time by the time we get home. Our niece is […]

11th Oct 2019 – ok food day, good exercise day.

Evening all, hope you are well 😊 I’m feeling nice and mellow right now, I’ve had a small tipple of Welsh cream liqueur and it was lovely! I haven’t been great with my food overall this week, there’s been chocs and choc cake, so to try and counter it I’ve been missing some of my […]

10th Oct 2019 – good food and good exercise!

Hi all, hope you are well 😊 Today’s food and exercise has been good, not brilliant, but good. Last night was a bad night again, but I didn’t stop drinking two hours before bed, so tonight I’m not having anymore water after 8.30pm, 42 minutes left! I opened my box of chocs work got me, […]

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