7 days a non smoker

Hello! I’m writing this in the hope that anyone thinking of quitting smoking might read this and be encouraged. Most smokers will have tried to stop smoking at some point, only to find themselves desperate and stressed. It doesn’t need to be this way. I have now been fag free for 7.5 days. I have […]

15th July – a great day with neice, healthier choices made!

Hello!  Hope you are all well. What do you think?  Bee or hoverfly?  Or something else entirely? Only thought about fags three times today.  6 days a non smoker! Today has been a great day with Fia, no arguing, complete engagement in her work, even help throughout every stage of pizza making! A bit of […]


Hi all, what a strange few days! So, first off…  Still a non smoker!  Naughty nicotine monster is still there, still hanging around inside my head, but I’m stronger!  Weighed myself in Boots the other day, since my last weigh in in March, I’ve lost the grand some of 4lb. I wasn’t sure if I […]

I am no longer a smoker!

Hey all Although happy to help my sister in law out and take children on, there has been a part of me that has missed what Paul and I had hoped would be an amazing opportunity to work on our health and fitness.  So, this week, I decided I would work on something very important, […]

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