12th Nov 2019 – feeling a return of the mojo!

Hey all, hope you are well. A huge, HUGE thank you to https://cb100days.home.blog/, I really appreciated your comment, and I took your advise 😍 For those who are wondering what gobbledegook I’m spouting now, I’ve been struggling with my healthy lifestyle, and today I seriously felt I had reached my limit, and wanted to fall […]

11th Nov 2019 – ok, the day could have been better!

Hey all, hope your Monday has been kind to you. My day has been, well, not great! I started well, but forgot it’s my work mate’s birthday, and bad Liz brought in mini flapjacks (I had two), mini choc bites (I had one), mini lamb pasties (I had two) and cup cakes (I had one). […]

7th Nov 2019 – a good food day, exercise still to do.

Hey all, driving has not been my friend today! It took me an hour to crawl the 7 miles to work, so I was late for the first time ever this morning. Then tonight, I did a full day on the office, so drove home in the dark… first time this winter. Katie’s phoned to […]

4th Nov 2019 – a very tired day

Hey all, hope you are well. Last night was not good. I had nightmare after nightmare, and lots of loo stops for which I almost felt pathetically too scared to get out of bed for. Ridiculous!!! I’m 45 years old for crying out loud! I do hope tonight is better. I’m sure it will be. […]

3rd Nov 2019 – What a fab day!

Evening all, hope you are all well, and have had a lovely weekend 🙂 Today has been yet another lovely day, Amy and I have had an exhausting but great mum and daughter day again today 🙂 To start off we had a healthy sausage bap for breakfast Then we went off to the woods […]

1st Nov 2019 – tomorrow is another day!

Evening all, hope you are well. Today has been another tablet laden day. Only normal pain killets today though, better than the codeine. Hopefully I should be feeling back to normal in a couple of days. I feel quite tired today, I’ve no idea if that’s the hormones or lack of good nutrition. Last night […]

31st Oct 2019 – there will be no exercise today… but food has been good

Evening all As I write to you today, I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself and in quite a bit of discomfort. Today has had to be the big gun tablets, regularly. And that started from 5.30 this morning! Fun things today, lots of cute kids trying to look scary… So cute!!! And they’ve all […]

29th Oct 2019 – a goodish food day, a nice family evening

Hey all, A good productive work day again today, although I do have a few crappy things going on, you know the sort of thing that takes loads of emails and calls before a thing gets sorted! I’ll be honest, my work day isn’t usually this chock a block full, I can usually spend a […]

28th Oct 2019 – I have an excuse!

Hi all. Ok, I need to give a bit of background before I hit you with my food! Right now my mum should be in South Africa, singing and doing safaris. A couple of weeks ago when visiting mum she burst into tears, what with everything going on she had not sorted out her jabs. […]

26th Oct 2019 – a good food day, an experimental food day.

Evening all, hope you are well, and enjoying your weekend. We we’re hoping to go for a walk today, however the rain stopped us. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, so fingers crossed for a walk then. So instead I decided today was the day to try My first recipe idea for my “Cheap & […]

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