28th Jan – hmmm. Should have gone to dentist a couple of weeks ago…

Or at least made an appointment! Long and short, I’m in pain and bloody knackered! Went to bed last night, it was quite late, courtesy of my love affair with my new phone 😉 Cuddled into Paul, which means I was lying on the bad mouth side, turned over, and the agonising throbbing was relentless! […]

27th Jan – a day to be pleased with.

Hey all, hope you are well. My apologies for not posting this yesterday. I have a confession from Sunday night! Found a treat on my pillow when I went to bed. A chocolate coin 😋 Work is a pain at the moment, problem after problem! So the least said about that the better. And as […]

26th Jan – a lovely day seeing In-Laws.

Hey all, hope you are all well and ready for the coming week. We had a lovely afternoon today round Paul’s parents, tomorrow is mum in law’s birthday. She was very pleased with the garden centre vouchers. It was great seeing the kids and playing games with Sofia, Gwen and Amy. Kian was more interested […]

25th Jan – WOOHOO success! 2lb off!

Hello! What a good day, saw my friend late morning after breakfast, got weighed, sorted mum in laws present for tomorrow, wrote a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while, made dinner, relaxing right now. First and foremost… I LOST 2lb… WOOHOO, so pleased! My new target is to lose 39lb in the […]

23rd Jan – choc and crisp crashing, but determined!

Hey all, hope you are well, and those who are poorly, hope it’s not long before you feel better! Ok, confession, last night I whined about wanting chocolate, Paul, bless him, remembered he still had choc coins from xmas, he gave me one! Today I still want chocolate and crisps! WHY? Not gonna happen though, […]

22nd Jan – Another good food day, and a bit of exercise!

Hey All, Hope you are all well. Today has been a very odd day. For the past few weeks I’ve been suffering with sore gums so I’ve been using Corsodyl mouth wash and been extra vigilant with my brushing. Yesterday it was so bad I actually took some codeine as the paracetamol and ibuprofen weren’t […]

20th Jan – the catch up

Hey all, hope you are well. We’ve had a chaotic few days, but we are almost at the point of being back on track…. That sounds like something I’ve already said several times over! Anyway, first things first, I had a 1lb weight gain last week, ticket below. Now on to the weekend, we we’re […]

16th Jan – a good food day, but boy am I cold!

Evening all, hope you are well. I’m feeling quite run down today, Even though I only got up twice during the night. Had a strange moment during dinner, I was half way through, chatting to Paul, and then I just got very light headed. This is not something I’m concerned about, this is not unknown […]

15th Jan – what a day!

Hey all, hope those of you who are suffering with various allfictions are feeling a bit better. Where do I start…. How about straight after my last post. Yes, I think to explain now I need to back track. Not long after posting my blog post last night I had a text from my friend. […]

14th Jan – surprisingly lovely dinner!

Hey all, Today has been the kind of work day I’m glad to see the back off. There was nothing particularly bad about the day, not overly busy or anything, I’m just glad to be home. I’m full on into monthly meltdown at the moment, a bit odd as I didn’t seem to get a […]

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