23rd July – cardio was much harder today!

Hiya all My cardio today was round with Angela. We both found it a lot harder than Monday. My legs were burning! But we did it, and with 2 more minutes of hell than Monday! Also popped round to mum’s for a natter, she had her friends round and they both told me how much […]

24th June – another great day!

Hey all, hope you are all well. It’s so hot here today, my feet were burning on the pavement every time I nipped into the back garden!  I really should wear my flip flops.  But then, I’m getting what Paul calls “fat foot”   never happened in England before, only abroad.  So, flip flop probably wouldn’t […]

14th Jan – surprisingly lovely dinner!

Hey all, Today has been the kind of work day I’m glad to see the back off. There was nothing particularly bad about the day, not overly busy or anything, I’m just glad to be home. I’m full on into monthly meltdown at the moment, a bit odd as I didn’t seem to get a […]

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