23rd July – cardio was much harder today!

Hiya all My cardio today was round with Angela. We both found it a lot harder than Monday. My legs were burning! But we did it, and with 2 more minutes of hell than Monday! Also popped round to mum’s for a natter, she had her friends round and they both told me how much […]

9th June – what a wonderful day!

Hey all, hope you are well. Paul and I had decided to go to the east coast today. I needed to feel emptiness. I needed to be surrounded by space. So we went to Skegness, used the loo, very, very socially sensibly, then went for a walk along the front. It was nice, too many […]

28th May – hello 😊

Thank you all so much for your messages, I’m sorry I left some of you hanging.  I have to say, my heart was so gladdened…  Thank you you lovely people! I have heat stroke.  From Monday! Stupid really, I’m not at all burned, I creamed up, stayed in the shade, had a Sunhat and glasses […]

13th March – what a great day! The long walk completed in better time!

Hiya all, as I write this I’m nursing a blister and aching legs, hips and heels, and I feel pleased with myself 😇 We both had today off, I didn’t have a lie in though as I needed to do the third urine sample and get it to the surgery. When I got back Paul […]

22nd Feb – Weight loss… SUCCESS!

Hey all, hope you are enjoying your weekend. First off – WOOHOO!!!! dispite being a mardy arse this week, I have lost… 3lbs! Excitingly, I am now at the weight I was before Christmas! I’m sooo pleased I forced myself out on walks this week 😀 Speaking of walks… I’m currently nursing a blister, and […]

Time to get serious with my fitness!

For those who have followed me for a while, you may remember this photo. Beautiful view from the little holiday cottage, looking out to Snowdon. Lovely, stunning… unless you have a desire to get up it… and the energy to get back down it! That mountain is 1085m to her peak, and I want to […]

20th Jan – the catch up

Hey all, hope you are well. We’ve had a chaotic few days, but we are almost at the point of being back on track…. That sounds like something I’ve already said several times over! Anyway, first things first, I had a 1lb weight gain last week, ticket below. Now on to the weekend, we we’re […]

27th Oct 2019 – good food and a nice walk.

Hey all, hope you’ve had a nice weekend. After last night’s update I had a rice cake. I’m really quite impressed with them, they’re big so several mouthfuls worth, and tasty (salt and vinegar) but only 50ish calories. Today was a lovely easy day. A nice lie in, which is always appreciated given my rubbish […]

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