16th April – A good day!

Hey all, I’m writing this post the following morning. Sods law, daytime bored with just a bit of work coming in, evening… not enough time 😆 I’m going to start this post with Wednesday evening. After writing my post, Paul and I went for a walk. I started great! No real aches and pains, just […]

1st April

Hiya all, hope you are well and safe. Nothing has happened today, work was slow, very slow, Very very Slow! But I sit there, waiting for something to happen! We have not been forgotten at work, we are on either reduced wage or furlough. Peter and I are on reduced wage and Liz has been […]

17th & 18th March – well!

Hiya all, hope you are safe and well. My apologies for the combined post. I’m struggling with a very weird mood at the moment, I’m not grumpy, I’m not down, I’m just, I don’t know, im just kind of nothingy at the moment. I’m forcing myself to write this post, so I keep somewhat on […]

13th March – what a great day! The long walk completed in better time!

Hiya all, as I write this I’m nursing a blister and aching legs, hips and heels, and I feel pleased with myself 😇 We both had today off, I didn’t have a lie in though as I needed to do the third urine sample and get it to the surgery. When I got back Paul […]

12th March – hmmm, not a brilliant day.

Hiya As you’ll guess from the title, today has not been one of my finest! Let’s start from the beginning… Sleep – was a whole lot better than previous nights. The tracker is slightly wrong, I was up at 7.20am, however only 4 loo stops… WOOHOO! I certainly felt better for the drop in loo […]

11th March – a decent day.

Hey all. Today hasn’t been fantastic, but I have made sure it’s been good. Body is gearing up for meltdown, maybe by next month the injection will be in full swing, and I’ll feel good enough to work through it at full steam. But right now, every step I take feels heavy and laboured, my […]

4th March – a GREAT day!  A day to be pleased with!

The day started well and continued wonderfully! Paul’s alarm went off, I thought about staying in bed, I argued with myself for about five minutes, went to the loo, snuggled back down, then got up! And that gave me my first bit of exercise!  A bit of cardio. I then walked to and from my […]

3rd March – the food was quite good.

Hiya all, as anticipated this post is a day late… for which I blame our eldest niece 😄 Had to rejig the day somewhat as I was supposed to be popping in to mums. Luckily after speaking to mum on Monday she was happy for me to pop in Wednesday instead of Tuesday, meaning if […]

2nd March – a good day exercise day, but BOY the hunger!

Hey all, hope your days have been good. I got up early people! I had a good 5 minute argument with myself… literally. And in the end I got up and did a quick cardio and a strength programme! I’m hoping to get up tomorrow morning as well, time will tell. Had a call from […]

w/c 24.02 – Exercise Progression Update

Hiya all I managed… just… to hit my exercise targets! I’m glad I’ve set these targets, had I not given myself targets to work towards I would not have gone on walks over the weekend. I would have made excuses. So although this week was not as good as the previous two weeks, I am […]

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