19th July – a relatively relaxing end to the week.

Hey all, hope you are well. Firstly, a couple more photos from yesterday, provided by Amy. And moving on… Slept like a log last night, got up just twice for loo stops, fell straight back to sleep. Woke around 7.30am, got up around 8.30am. You know I was writing about heel pain a post or […]

16th July – I should have realised the new bbq would be used ASAP!

Hello!  Hope you are all well. A whole week fag free! I’ll write a quick post separately for anyone interested. Today has been another enjoyable day with our neice, school work all completed without issue, and no real problem with food.  We didn’t go out today as we (Paul) were like a children with a […]

13th June – A wonderful family afternoon.

Hey all, hope all is well with you. We have just said goodbye to Paul’s parents as well as Amy and Katie. It’s Katie’s birthday in a few days and Gwen wanted to see the girls as it’s been so long. This morning Paul and I had fruit and nuts for breakfast, knowing the day […]

3rd March – the food was quite good.

Hiya all, as anticipated this post is a day late… for which I blame our eldest niece 😄 Had to rejig the day somewhat as I was supposed to be popping in to mums. Luckily after speaking to mum on Monday she was happy for me to pop in Wednesday instead of Tuesday, meaning if […]

6th Feb – a good food day and a lovely evening with our eldest niece

Hey all, hope you are well. Some good news! We are kid free this weekend! So my only commitment will be to pop round and have a cuppa with my friend, then see family for our nephew’s birthday for a couple of hours… YAY! Don’t you just love an expected bit of free time! Had […]

28th Oct 2019 – I have an excuse!

Hi all. Ok, I need to give a bit of background before I hit you with my food! Right now my mum should be in South Africa, singing and doing safaris. A couple of weeks ago when visiting mum she burst into tears, what with everything going on she had not sorted out her jabs. […]

26th Oct 2019 – a good food day, an experimental food day.

Evening all, hope you are well, and enjoying your weekend. We we’re hoping to go for a walk today, however the rain stopped us. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, so fingers crossed for a walk then. So instead I decided today was the day to try My first recipe idea for my “Cheap & […]

Healthy lunch!

Ok, feeling more confident that I’m getting back on track. I’ve had another 0.5l water and another 300ml on the go. Had a healthier lunch than I could have, jacket with prawn and mari rose sauce and side salad. And a diet Pepsi. I very nearly ordered what my gorgeous sister ordered! I might have […]

15th Sept 2019 – a great weekend, time to refocus!

I am pleased to report I didn’t need to pin down the nephew and give him a scrub down 🤣 for anyone confused, and wanting to know more please do see post dated 14th Sept. Getting the kids to wash and clean teeth was uneventful with the exception of the littleun, who decided to roll […]

26th Aug 2019 – a lovely day, diet starts tomorrow.

Paul is back home YAY!!! We’ve had a lovely few hours, snuggling then going out and catching up over dinner and Pepsi max. I love it when Paul’s home. I started okish with food, and ended, well, uh hum, not so food worthy! Had a fried egg sarnie for breakfast, used 1cal spray, seedy wholewheat […]

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