26th June – Ok, not the best, but some good choices.

So today hasn’t been the best, no exercise at all, instead I’ve sat around and melted! I can say though that food choices could have been a lot worse! Popped round to see my mum this afternoon, and my sister and her children were there.  It was so lovely seeing them!  We’ve seen the kids […]

25th June – Another Fab Day!

Hey all. Ok… first off, last night! I didn’t have the nuts as I had said I probably would, oh no, instead i had a glass of cider, a chocolate and a pineapple juice. Now on to today. I’ve had my feet done… and it feels great! Abigail, our foot doctor, did an amazing job, […]

11th June – another fantastic day!

Hey all, hope you are well. Writing slightly out of sync, this post is for 11th (yesterday), but as I’m now hoping to include a graph every morning, which is to be compared with previous days food, I decided not to do a two day post tonight! So, let’s get on with the day… Nice […]

The weekend catch up – And what a cracking one it’s been!

Hiya all, hope you are well and have had a fab weekend! What a great weekend! As ever, when we’re in aunty and uncle mode, things are never perfect with regards to the healthy lifestyle change, and this weekend has been no exception. However… it hasn’t been chocka block full of bad choices, there have […]

8th Feb – what a great day! 1lb loss.

Hey everyone, hope your weekend is going well 😊 Today has been a wonderful day! I had a fairly good night sleep plus an extra bit (greyed out bit). It has been so wonderful doing everything at our own pace. When we eventually got out of bed we chilled out for a bit with a […]

ARGH! Weight loss fail! 3lb on!

Damn it! 3lb on this week! But, it’s menstrual meltdown week, party weekend last weekend. Then last night, although enjoyable and healthier wasn’t the best, and the same this morning. And we’ve weighed a good few hours later than normal. So I felt annoyed and rebellious, and as our day has been all out of […]

Snap Shot – My Daily Food

Hey All, it’s Wednesday, I’m working from home, thought I’d use the opportunity to show you my day-time food. I have just a couple of rules – Eat nuts first – full of protein, helps to keep me full. TRY to save salad until about 1ish – I absolutely love my salad, so it’s hard […]

26th Oct 2019 – a good food day, an experimental food day.

Evening all, hope you are well, and enjoying your weekend. We we’re hoping to go for a walk today, however the rain stopped us. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, so fingers crossed for a walk then. So instead I decided today was the day to try My first recipe idea for my “Cheap & […]

4th Oct 2019 – ok, pleased with today!

Firstly, thank you for your comments while I had my mini meltdown, you helped me find my resolve again – you’re STARS ⭐ Today has been a good day, and I feel my mojo is back! I’m well aware tomorrows weigh-in is gonna be rubbish, but I’m prepared for it, can’t really expect anything else! […]

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