25th June – Another Fab Day!

Hey all.

Ok… first off, last night! I didn’t have the nuts as I had said I probably would, oh no, instead i had a glass of cider, a chocolate and a pineapple juice.

Now on to today.

I’ve had my feet done… and it feels great! Abigail, our foot doctor, did an amazing job, and I can’t stop feeling my lovely smooth heels! She has also given some great advise – rather than trying to get rid of all hard skin infrequently, try getting rid of a little bit regularly. Apparently the skin’s response to the former is to create thicker skin in defence! Makes sense. We’ve also ordered a cream advised by Abigail, I’ll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, I’m enjoying walking around on my new feet!

And very much welcome considering our walk today! We went round a local park called Sywell Country Park. It was a lovely walk, and I appreciated shady bits very much. But most wonderful was just hearing and seeing insects and birds. My favourites are the electric blue damsel flies.

I was glad for my sun hat, a strange thing happens to my forehead should a bit of sun touch it for a few minutes, I get weird and massive white lumps under the skin, which just grow and then crack! My family call me a Klingon when I’ve not been careful 🤣

Below are a couple of photos from my past Klingon moments!

Had a call with mum and sis this evening, not much news to swap, but good to see there faces looking back from my screen.

So… are you ready?

Here’s my daily info:

Sleep – still crap!

Fluid – 200ml of milk, 1 cup of tea, countless glasses of water, 1 can of Pepsi, 1 can of diet coke.

Particularly pleased with the diet coke, this was after our walk, I was hankering after full fat coke, Paul had a bottle of water and an ice cream, and I stuck to diet coke and no ice cream!

Food – 40g natural nuts, 75g dried fruits for breakfast.

We both enjoyed lunch so much yesterday, we repeated it today. Greek salad, bit of chicken, hummus, couscous, followed by strawberries with a tiny bit of sugar.

Dinner was gammon and egg with oven cooked spuds.

I cut off most the fat and made sure I stopped when satisfied… almost… another spud hopped into my mouth 😉

Exercise – we did not push for times today, we just enjoyed the outside!

So, there we are, a great day, sticking to my personal food regime, and getting some exercise. Hoping for another couple of good days until we are beleaguered with monsters… oops… kids again

Bye for now 😃

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Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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