22nd July – bbq chicken and a new exercise programme.

Hiya all, hope you are well. I’m sorry to say it looks as if my herbs have all died off.  I’m gutted 😢.  On a brighter note, what Paul told me were lilies, are actually dahlias, and they’re coming up beautifully! There’s even success with the strawberries. At least my onions still look strong. Had […]

27th June – a lovely day, Radio Silence begins.

Hey all, hope you are well. I’m writing this for Saturday on Sunday morning. This is my last update for a few days, we’re picking up kids in a few hours. I shan’t bother to tell either you or me that I’ll try to do updates, I’ll say instead if I can I will, and […]

26th June – Ok, not the best, but some good choices.

So today hasn’t been the best, no exercise at all, instead I’ve sat around and melted! I can say though that food choices could have been a lot worse! Popped round to see my mum this afternoon, and my sister and her children were there.  It was so lovely seeing them!  We’ve seen the kids […]

25th June – Another Fab Day!

Hey all. Ok… first off, last night! I didn’t have the nuts as I had said I probably would, oh no, instead i had a glass of cider, a chocolate and a pineapple juice. Now on to today. I’ve had my feet done… and it feels great! Abigail, our foot doctor, did an amazing job, […]

24th June – another great day!

Hey all, hope you are all well. It’s so hot here today, my feet were burning on the pavement every time I nipped into the back garden!  I really should wear my flip flops.  But then, I’m getting what Paul calls “fat foot”   never happened in England before, only abroad.  So, flip flop probably wouldn’t […]

23rd June – a great kickstarter day!

Hey all, hope you are well. So I weighed myself this morning, and was shocked as I’ve put a good few pounds on.  I shouldn’t be shocked, I’ve had loads of alcohol, bbq and a chip shop fish and chips!  Well… life is life, I’m way to far into my journey to have not learned […]

13th June – A wonderful family afternoon.

Hey all, hope all is well with you. We have just said goodbye to Paul’s parents as well as Amy and Katie. It’s Katie’s birthday in a few days and Gwen wanted to see the girls as it’s been so long. This morning Paul and I had fruit and nuts for breakfast, knowing the day […]

12th June – what can I say!!! Another lovely day!

Hiya all, hope you are all well. Today has been a drizzly kind of day, just the kind of day for either snuggling into blankets or getting the housework done… my home us now clean and tidy again! We started pretty much the same way as the most of the week, I had a nice […]

11th June – another fantastic day!

Hey all, hope you are well. Writing slightly out of sync, this post is for 11th (yesterday), but as I’m now hoping to include a graph every morning, which is to be compared with previous days food, I decided not to do a two day post tonight! So, let’s get on with the day… Nice […]

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