12th June – what can I say!!! Another lovely day!

Hiya all, hope you are all well.

Today has been a drizzly kind of day, just the kind of day for either snuggling into blankets or getting the housework done… my home us now clean and tidy again!

We started pretty much the same way as the most of the week, I had a nice lie in after a relatively decent nights sleep, then a nice cup of tea. No biscuits today though… I’ve eaten them all during the previous days 🤣

Paul made us porridge for breakfast, I add honey to mine. It was only after I finished that I thought about a pic, Paul did suggest I take a pic of my empty bowl, but pointless really!

Then I got on with a top to bottom on housework (still need to polish our bedroom though), and Paul went out to pick up some bits.

When Paul got back I prepared lunch – we had nice seedy brown bread sarnies with, you get one guess! Yep, cured meats and cheeses!

Then it was on to other things. It’s Katie’s birthday in a couple of days, Paul’s parents are coming round tomorrow to see her, so we’ve been prepping stuff ready.

I’ve made lamb burger mix, just needs shaping and popping on bbq, I’ve also made a couple of focaccias.

Paul’s made flapjacks, and is now making banana cupcakes (an experiment as he usually does a loaf). Katie will be happy, she’s a fan of cupcakes and Paul’s banana loaf. We’ll stick a birthday candle in hers 😁

He’s also put up a new light in the garden, motion sensored, so for summer evenings we’ll get to flap our arms 😁

It was nice both of us working in the kitchen together, albeit (and probably for the best) on different foods.

After the focaccias were out of the oven, I got on with dinner. Lightly dusted fish and oven cooked chips. Should have done veggies, just too lazy today!

We haven’t had our deciding match for super scrabble, that may need to wait for next weekend now.

So there we have it, my day. Didn’t get to the garden centre, that’ll have to be Sunday morning now, loads to do tomorrow, including greek salad, as requested by Amy.


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Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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