18th July – what a lovely day 😊

Hey all, it’s 22:39 and we’ve just got home. Blues Brothers is on TV, perfect end to the day 🙂 I have finally taken off trainers and socks, which are slightly damp from a quick run through water, or face being stranded and wading back to shore… not good if you don’t like jellyfish! We […]

15th July – a great day with neice, healthier choices made!

Hello!  Hope you are all well. What do you think?  Bee or hoverfly?  Or something else entirely? Only thought about fags three times today.  6 days a non smoker! Today has been a great day with Fia, no arguing, complete engagement in her work, even help throughout every stage of pizza making! A bit of […]

26th June – Unexpected exercise!

Quick update, Paul half heartedly suggested a walk, I half heartedly agreed to a short walk, we’ve just done an hours walk, distance just over 4km! Happy days! It was nice as the sun’s gone down and there’s a bit of a breeze. Night

23rd June – a great kickstarter day!

Hey all, hope you are well. So I weighed myself this morning, and was shocked as I’ve put a good few pounds on.  I shouldn’t be shocked, I’ve had loads of alcohol, bbq and a chip shop fish and chips!  Well… life is life, I’m way to far into my journey to have not learned […]

8th June – a MUCH better day!

Evening all, hope you are well. Today has been a great day, we went on a good walk, just over 5k in 74 minutes! And food was good too! For breakfast we had 5 bean baked beans on toast. White bread not brown seedy, but still. For dinner we had salmon with brown rice, with […]

16th April – A good day!

Hey all, I’m writing this post the following morning. Sods law, daytime bored with just a bit of work coming in, evening… not enough time 😆 I’m going to start this post with Wednesday evening. After writing my post, Paul and I went for a walk. I started great! No real aches and pains, just […]

The Catch Up

Evening all, hope you are keeping safe and well. It’s been days since I’ve updated, and to be quite honest, there really isn’t much to say. For me this isn’t a bad thing, I was forced into doing almost nothing, and until about 8 this morning, felt wonderful for it 🙂 For those of you […]

3rd April – A good day!

Hey All, hope you and yours are all well. Work was another rough day of staring at my computer, occasionally doing a bit of work. Paul and I have been playing scrabble online, he’s a cheat ladies and gents, he’s a total cheat! Words Paul has used today: Ous, Wof, Jai, Ki, Jin, Thar, Breve, […]

4th March – a GREAT day!  A day to be pleased with!

The day started well and continued wonderfully! Paul’s alarm went off, I thought about staying in bed, I argued with myself for about five minutes, went to the loo, snuggled back down, then got up! And that gave me my first bit of exercise!  A bit of cardio. I then walked to and from my […]

2nd March – a good day exercise day, but BOY the hunger!

Hey all, hope your days have been good. I got up early people! I had a good 5 minute argument with myself… literally. And in the end I got up and did a quick cardio and a strength programme! I’m hoping to get up tomorrow morning as well, time will tell. Had a call from […]

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