18th July – what a lovely day 😊

Hey all, it’s 22:39 and we’ve just got home. Blues Brothers is on TV, perfect end to the day 🙂 I have finally taken off trainers and socks, which are slightly damp from a quick run through water, or face being stranded and wading back to shore… not good if you don’t like jellyfish! We […]

12th Jan 2020 – 7lb festive weight gain, nearly eaten all the rubbish!

Hey all, so here’s my ticket for yesterday. Today is the last day of rubbish food. We had two of our nieces round over night, we went for a lovely afternoon in our local park, walked through the aviary and the museum, walked round the lakes, played on swings and stuff. It was good to […]

14th Sept 2019 – what a lovely day, and it’s not over yet!

Having some kids round was agreed during the week, and being fools neither Paul nor I thought about food! So after fighting the kids into the bathroom, not too bad for the girls, especially as the older one knows she can only have a spray of my perfumes if she’s clean, but the boy…  WELL… […]

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