Lost my mojo – don’t want to slip back.

Hey all, I’ve totally lost my mojo right now. I’ve had several days of not eating as well as I want to (today is included, I’ve munched my way through a cup cake with loads of icing, and had two teas with more half spoon sugar than normal). I don’t feel good with myself, I […]

11th Nov 2019 – ok, the day could have been better!

Hey all, hope your Monday has been kind to you. My day has been, well, not great! I started well, but forgot it’s my work mate’s birthday, and bad Liz brought in mini flapjacks (I had two), mini choc bites (I had one), mini lamb pasties (I had two) and cup cakes (I had one). […]

10th Nov 2019 – the weekend update – and a 3lb loss!

Evening all, hope you’ve all had a cracking weekend 😊 I’ll start with the good news – I lost 3lb last week – WOOHOO! Ok, so now for the daily updates! Friday – worked from home in the morning, and and 28g natural nuts and a hard boiled egg. Went to lunch with Paul and […]

7th Nov 2019 – a good food day, exercise still to do.

Hey all, driving has not been my friend today! It took me an hour to crawl the 7 miles to work, so I was late for the first time ever this morning. Then tonight, I did a full day on the office, so drove home in the dark… first time this winter. Katie’s phoned to […]

6th Nov 2019 – good day. Busy time coming up.

Hey all, hope you are well. I’m going to struggle keeping up with you guys over the next few days. We have a funeral on Friday, my in-laws over on Saturday and visiting a birthday neice on Sunday. So please bear with me, I will get round to catching up on your posts, it’s just […]

5th Nov 2019 – a much better day!

Hey all, Had a much calmer night sleep last night. Maybe Paul being at home isn’t so bad after all 🀣 Having said that, I was rudely woken an hour earlier than necessary because Paul hadn’t set his alarm back to 7! Mum had warned me last night that she’d planned belly pork for tonight’s […]

4th Nov 2019 – a very tired day

Hey all, hope you are well. Last night was not good. I had nightmare after nightmare, and lots of loo stops for which I almost felt pathetically too scared to get out of bed for. Ridiculous!!! I’m 45 years old for crying out loud! I do hope tonight is better. I’m sure it will be. […]

REBLOG – I lost 162 In A Year β€” Taking Control Of My Life

You know when a picture speaks a thousand words? This amazing lady writes fantastic posts, and has found her inner brave to stick her progress photos on WordPress – Thank you! I think you’re a pink star burst πŸ™‚ Click here for blog β€œTime doesn’t stop. If you choose to remain where you are it […]

3rd Nov 2019 – What a fab day!

Evening all, hope you are all well, and have had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ Today has been yet another lovely day, Amy and I have had an exhausting but great mum and daughter day again today πŸ™‚ To start off we had a healthy sausage bap for breakfast Then we went off to the woods […]

REBLOG -Sweet Healing Soup Recipe. Happy Halloween/Samhain Blessings. β€” Take Back Control of your Kitchen

Hi All, as you know, I’m forever amazed by many wonderful bloggers here on WordPress. Here is yet another person whose posts I adore – many of her healthy recipes make me drool just thinking about them! This particular recipe is jam packed with 5 portions of fruit and veg, and has just 181 calories […]

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