29th May – feeling much better today!

Hey all, hope you are well. My temperature yesterday was 39.2, today it’s averaging out at 36.5.  I feel a lot more comfortable, and less drained.  I’m confused as to why I ended up with heat stroke given I have holidayed in much hotter places, though Paul and I have come up with a theory… […]

4th April – what a beautiful day!

Hi all, hope you are keeping well. Today has been a good day on the whole. Paul went for a bike ride today, and I decided to go for a walk. I wanted a long walk given that this would have been a day when we would be going for an 11k walk usually. The […]

3rd April – A good day!

Hey All, hope you and yours are all well. Work was another rough day of staring at my computer, occasionally doing a bit of work. Paul and I have been playing scrabble online, he’s a cheat ladies and gents, he’s a total cheat! Words Paul has used today: Ous, Wof, Jai, Ki, Jin, Thar, Breve, […]

12th March – hmmm, not a brilliant day.

Hiya As you’ll guess from the title, today has not been one of my finest! Let’s start from the beginning… Sleep – was a whole lot better than previous nights. The tracker is slightly wrong, I was up at 7.20am, however only 4 loo stops… WOOHOO! I certainly felt better for the drop in loo […]

9th March – a great day!

Hey all, Monday is done! Today has been a good day with regards to my health. I won the usual morning argument this morning, I got up and exercised! Not only did I exercise, I did programmes!  1 strength and 1 cardio.  I did however, over do it!  Across my shoulders and my lower back […]

Weight Loss…. SUCCESS!!! 1lb off! 2 stone in total!

WOOHOO… I DID IT! I can not tell you how pleased I am! I am finally in the 14 stone bracket, I can finally say I’ve lost two stone (28lb)! This is where I wanted to be on 16th ish of December last year! Talk about an eternity! Didn’t think I would lose any this […]

23rd Feb – a lovely, restful day.

Hey all, hope you are well, and prepared for the coming week. My day has been relaxing, so the whole weekend has been fab. We started watching The Witcher last night, this is a Netflix series. We stopped watching after episode 5, three episodes left, but it’s too late now to watch them, we’ll have […]

13th Feb – Well, that was a mixed bag of a day!

Evening all, So, there’s a few confessions. First one from last night. We went to watch Ed Byrne, as fabulously funny as I was hoping for! However we bought, and ate an entire bag of peanut m&ms between us. And the theatre had no oasis to drink, so I had a j2o, tasty, but my […]

7th Feb – exercise… and my treat?

Hey all, For those who read my previous post, you’ll know I was enjoying a glass of Welsh cream liqueur, and decided I would reward myself with another glass on my return. We went for a walk, initially I was thinking of a 30 minute amble, nothing hard going. We did amble and chat. It […]

27th Jan – a day to be pleased with.

Hey all, hope you are well. My apologies for not posting this yesterday. I have a confession from Sunday night! Found a treat on my pillow when I went to bed. A chocolate coin 😋 Work is a pain at the moment, problem after problem! So the least said about that the better. And as […]

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