20th July – a great start!

Hiya all, hope your Mondays have been OK. I am so chuffed with my day! I wanted today to be a good exercise day, and it was. Let’s start at the beginning… So sleep was crap. For breakfast I had my usual 40g natural nuts and 75g dried fruits along with a cup of tea […]

17th July – another fantastic day!

Hey all, hope the day has been good for you. I’ve felt strong today, I’ve enjoyed the outdoor exercise, I’m feeling really positive. I don’t know why, especially as I’m sparodically cramping with the dreaded monthlies. I don’t know if it’s the non smoking, I don’t if it’s actual or mental. I don’t care. It’s […]

22nd March – feeling positive going forward

Hey all, hope you are safe and well. I have felt more like my normal self today, more positive, more enthused. Today has been quite a good day, my lovely daughter spoilt me, a beautiful card with such wonderful words. Some chocs, gorgeous flowers and some jimjams! The best present of course was that we […]

Dinner tonight…

Was utterly bad, and utterly delicious! A real treat! Homemade focaccia (mum’s gonna love hers!), olives, salami, potato salad, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Slice of homemade bakewell tart for afters. This coming week is going to be hard, not for food, but to get all our fruit and veg! I’m going to make damn […]

10th March – WOOHOO! another great day!

Hiya people, hope you are well 😊 Tuesday done, Friday booked as leave, so that’s half my week done! My urine test came back ‘borderline’ whatever the hell that means! Gonna do yet another sample on Friday morning. I’m hoping that as I finished my antibiotics today, this test will come back all clear… 3rd […]

9th March – a great day!

Hey all, Monday is done! Today has been a good day with regards to my health. I won the usual morning argument this morning, I got up and exercised! Not only did I exercise, I did programmes!  1 strength and 1 cardio.  I did however, over do it!  Across my shoulders and my lower back […]

24th Feb – sneaky pancakes! Sneaky choc!

Evening all, hope you are well and that Monday hasn’t been to traumatic a day 😁 I think I heard Paul’s alarm go off at 6 this morning, but I certainly didn’t get up. This evening was girls night with my mum and sister. It was lovely catching up 🙂 my sister’s husband (such a […]

10th Feb – YES! A great day!

Evening all, hope the beginning of the week hasn’t been too exhausting! My gums are almost pain free – YIPPEE. also got the results back from my blood tests, not entirely sure what I was being tested for, vitamin d deficiency, cholesterol and chemistry (whatever that means) and they’re fine. Paul got up early to […]

Time to get serious with my fitness!

For those who have followed me for a while, you may remember this photo. Beautiful view from the little holiday cottage, looking out to Snowdon. Lovely, stunning… unless you have a desire to get up it… and the energy to get back down it! That mountain is 1085m to her peak, and I want to […]

23rd Jan – choc and crisp crashing, but determined!

Hey all, hope you are well, and those who are poorly, hope it’s not long before you feel better! Ok, confession, last night I whined about wanting chocolate, Paul, bless him, remembered he still had choc coins from xmas, he gave me one! Today I still want chocolate and crisps! WHY? Not gonna happen though, […]

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