17th July – another fantastic day!

Hey all, hope the day has been good for you. I’ve felt strong today, I’ve enjoyed the outdoor exercise, I’m feeling really positive. I don’t know why, especially as I’m sparodically cramping with the dreaded monthlies. I don’t know if it’s the non smoking, I don’t if it’s actual or mental. I don’t care. It’s […]

10th June – a lovely relaxing day!

Hey all. What a wonderfully lazy day we’ve had today, literally the most strenuous thing I’ve done is make dinner! And I feel GREAT for it! So, here’s how my day panned out… Awake at 7, asleep again by 8ish, awake by 10ish. Cup of tea with four biscuits. Couple of hours later, seedy sarnies […]

The Catch Up

Evening all, hope you are keeping safe and well. It’s been days since I’ve updated, and to be quite honest, there really isn’t much to say. For me this isn’t a bad thing, I was forced into doing almost nothing, and until about 8 this morning, felt wonderful for it 🙂 For those of you […]

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