17th July – another fantastic day!

Hey all, hope the day has been good for you. I’ve felt strong today, I’ve enjoyed the outdoor exercise, I’m feeling really positive. I don’t know why, especially as I’m sparodically cramping with the dreaded monthlies. I don’t know if it’s the non smoking, I don’t if it’s actual or mental. I don’t care. It’s […]

28th May – hello 😊

Thank you all so much for your messages, I’m sorry I left some of you hanging.  I have to say, my heart was so gladdened…  Thank you you lovely people! I have heat stroke.  From Monday! Stupid really, I’m not at all burned, I creamed up, stayed in the shade, had a Sunhat and glasses […]

5th April – Another lovely day!

Good evening all, hope you are keeping safe and well. Here in our little part of the world the sun has been shining all day! Our food has not been brilliant today, however I refuse to feel upset about this, we enjoyed our food, and actually treating ourselves to a roast dinner this evening just […]

4th April – what a beautiful day!

Hi all, hope you are keeping well. Today has been a good day on the whole. Paul went for a bike ride today, and I decided to go for a walk. I wanted a long walk given that this would have been a day when we would be going for an 11k walk usually. The […]

21st Feb – YES! The weekend has arrived!

Evening all, hope you are well and looking forward to your weekend. Work calmed a bit today, HUGE sigh of relief! I resisted chocolates again! Met mum for lunch and had my usual, however when it came out it was missing the quinoa, butternut squash, beans and dressing. This is the second time. Hopefully I […]

I’m back! Time to get back on track!

Good morning all. Couple of things I want to cover in this post, so here we go. Yesterday – started amazingly well and finished catastrophically! After packing and tidying up the cottage, Dan and Lynne headed home to Scotland. We have agreed to revisit the cottage and catch up again mid year next year. More […]

31st Aug 2019 – welcome back health motivation. 2lb weight gain.

It occurred to me today that this is approximately the same number weeks that my motivation during health journeys begins to wane, regardless of success or failure. So with everything else that’s been going on, my own natural motivation drop was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. However, I’m feeling the slump was […]

24th Aug 2019 – 2lb loss, great day

What a great day! My daughter was safe with her fiancee looking after her, my mum is still on her Canadian visit with her sister, my best friend is on holiday, my partner is still at the music festival. This left me with a day to do with as I pleased, so I started the […]

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