2nd March – a good day exercise day, but BOY the hunger!

Hey all, hope your days have been good. I got up early people! I had a good 5 minute argument with myself… literally. And in the end I got up and did a quick cardio and a strength programme! I’m hoping to get up tomorrow morning as well, time will tell. Had a call from […]

29th Jan – just another day!

Hey all, hope you are well. Nothing much to tell you about today. My gums still hurt, but I’m using the soft toothbrush and corsodyl gel, and anbesol during the day. I managed to get a really decent sleep last night, obviously totally knackered from the night before! Look at that!!! 47 minutes of deep […]

Couch to 5k – day 3/3, week 1/9 – airwalker!

Morning all! So this morning saw me using my airwalker so I could do the c25k without feeling crippled during or by the end of it…. Much, much better! I feel much more confident! My hip hasn’t hurt once and because I was able to put some real effort in, I’ve sweated properly! My knee […]

19th Sept 2019 – great food and exercise day.

Evening all, hope you are well. The pain in my side has gone, no idea when, I simply noticed it wasn’t there! My hip is no where near as bad as it was yesterday, good job as it’s gonna be worked again tomorrow morning (c25k day). Traffic was bad coming home from work, no idea […]

18th Sept 2019 – great exercise and food day!

Hello! Hope you are well today 😊 I’ll start today’s update with exercise! I started the c25k this morning, and I don’t mind telling you my hips are getting stiff after sitting down for a while today, and my backside aches! I mean…. really?!?!? Now on to food – 25g natural nuts, 1 hardboiled egg, […]

6th Sept 2019 – LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! Great day!

I feel so energised!!!! Today has been a totally different kind of day. Had a job interview, don’t think I’ve got it, but that’s ok, it would have been an interesting job, but it’s not as though I don’t already have a job I enjoy. I’ll know next week. So, to business… Started the day […]

3rd Sept 2019 – WOOHOO! Exercise and good eating!

A fab day, yes, yes I know, if you read my previous post, naughty treats and trade offs, you’ll know there were two not perfect moments. But they were excellent compromise moments 🤣 So, no nuts, no eggs, yes cherries, strawberries and grapes, yes healthy salad. Yes welsh cake and caramel bite. Then salmon with […]

2nd Sept 2019 – yep, exercises done!

Yes!!! Did the exercises… Greek yoghurt (fat free proper greek yoghurt, not greek style) eaten, with a drizzle of honey and seed mix. It’ll be interesting to see how my body reacts to the yoghurt. Now I am saying goodnight, promise 😁

31st Aug 2019 – welcome back health motivation. 2lb weight gain.

It occurred to me today that this is approximately the same number weeks that my motivation during health journeys begins to wane, regardless of success or failure. So with everything else that’s been going on, my own natural motivation drop was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. However, I’m feeling the slump was […]

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