13th March – what a great day! The long walk completed in better time!

Hiya all, as I write this I’m nursing a blister and aching legs, hips and heels, and I feel pleased with myself 😇 We both had today off, I didn’t have a lie in though as I needed to do the third urine sample and get it to the surgery. When I got back Paul […]

24th Jan – nutrition or less calories? Oh the decisions!

Evening all, hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend! Nothing much to talk about with my general day, quiet morning at work, then busy afternoon. Emergency dinner knock up. Head and gums still achy ☹ Let’s just get to the day. Sleep – I feel it was an ok night. I’m hoping […]

Friday 22nd Nov – Great girly night with mum and sis!

Hey all, hope you are well and have a nice weekend ahead of you. I’m writing this the morning after the day before! Last night was FAB! We did not guess the murderer, but we had a great time watching the actors (Irchester Players) playing their roles, fab performance 😀 Here’s a couple of pics […]

15th Nov 2019 – thank goodness for the weekend!

Hiya, Phew, am I glad that weeks done! Here’s to hoping next week isn’t so problematic. Mind you I might need work for a break from the weekend 🤣 Pleased to report I’m feeling completely confident with moving onwards with my healthy changes 👍. And speaking about healthy continuity, let’s get on with the daily! […]

2nd Nov 2019 – Weight Loss Fail + 2lb. BUT, a lovely day with my daughter!

Good Evening all, hope you are well. Well done Springboks, good game. Confession – Crisps somehow found there way into my mouth last night and this morning. I’ve gained 2lb this week, combination of the dreaded monthly meltdown, lack of exercise, and not as healthy food week as it should have been. Following is my […]

25th Oct 2019 – a good food day, an exercise rest day.

Evening all. The weekend is here… YAY!!! My back is very uncomfortable today, so I’ve decided to have a rest day. Work has been continuous again. I much prefer that than quiet days, and we’ve had a lot of quiet days recently. So this week has been good, but I’m tired now. So to business… […]

Healthy lunch!

Ok, feeling more confident that I’m getting back on track. I’ve had another 0.5l water and another 300ml on the go. Had a healthier lunch than I could have, jacket with prawn and mari rose sauce and side salad. And a diet Pepsi. I very nearly ordered what my gorgeous sister ordered! I might have […]

20th Sept 2019 – good food day, a decision about exercise

Evening all, hope you are well 😊 I’ve decided that c25k isn’t for me as it stands. My hip was agony all day. The pain has subsided now, but only because of the magic of ibuprofen. I’m not giving up on it though, I’ve decided instead to do it on my airwalker. This will take […]

6th Sept 2019 – LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! Great day!

I feel so energised!!!! Today has been a totally different kind of day. Had a job interview, don’t think I’ve got it, but that’s ok, it would have been an interesting job, but it’s not as though I don’t already have a job I enjoy. I’ll know next week. So, to business… Started the day […]

26th Aug 2019 – a lovely day, diet starts tomorrow.

Paul is back home YAY!!! We’ve had a lovely few hours, snuggling then going out and catching up over dinner and Pepsi max. I love it when Paul’s home. I started okish with food, and ended, well, uh hum, not so food worthy! Had a fried egg sarnie for breakfast, used 1cal spray, seedy wholewheat […]

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