19th July – a relatively relaxing end to the week.

Hey all, hope you are well. Firstly, a couple more photos from yesterday, provided by Amy. And moving on… Slept like a log last night, got up just twice for loo stops, fell straight back to sleep. Woke around 7.30am, got up around 8.30am. You know I was writing about heel pain a post or […]

24th Jan – nutrition or less calories? Oh the decisions!

Evening all, hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend! Nothing much to talk about with my general day, quiet morning at work, then busy afternoon. Emergency dinner knock up. Head and gums still achy ☹ Let’s just get to the day. Sleep – I feel it was an ok night. I’m hoping […]

14th Nov 2019 – beginning to hope the scales won’t be so bad!

Hey all. Wow! What a work day!!! I am glad it’s over, but there’s still plenty to do. Other than that I resisted all but one of the mini flapjacks, Peter has been given instruction to take the buggers home! I’ve been cold all day so there were lots of teas today. That could be […]

Determined exercises!

Got up, made damn sure I exercised! Started with the stretches, went on to the strength programme, did the quick cardio, then tried beginner Zumba! It’s fair to say, although good fun, I blatantly have absolutely NO rythym 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Would also advise wearing clothes, I thought, I’m gonna get sweaty, only me around, pair of […]

23rd Sept 2019 – great exercise and food day!

Hiya all, hope you are well! Thought I would start this post with a bit of internal reflection. On past attempts, I started of extremely motivated, and then after a few weeks, look for cheats, ie, deliberately not eat anything for hours before weighing. Or deliberately eat something wholly unhealthy as soon as the weigh […]

Weight loss fail BUT fat loss and general success

Hello! Here’s the weekly result. I’ll do my usual daily update later. 12lb loss in 8 weeks, recommended healthy weight loss is about 1.5lb per week, so actually that’s spot on. So, I could look at my 3lb weight gain this week as a moody failure, however… Print out also shows approx 1lb of fat […]

18th Aug 2019 – SUCCESS! Kind of…

4lb of fat – GONE!!! more on that lower down – here’s my summary for the weekend. So, I am on the whole pleased with the food this weekend, here’s what I had: Saturday – 3 Turkey rashers sandwiched between two slices of seeded wholewheat bread, spread with olive spread, no sauce. For dinner mum-in-law […]

A quick update on last night

Turns out when my sister-in-law buys pizza, she also gets a ton of sides! I love pizza, and I love chicken wings, garlic bread etc, etc. It was all there, right in front of me. So, I started with a chicken strip, then I ate my pasta and vegetables, and as if it was meant […]

13th Aug 2019 – Positive head back on!

Good morning, good morning, good morning. Feeling in a much better frame of mind this morning 🙂 I have drawn a line under yesterday, there was another packet of crisps and no exercise last night, I knew what I was doing, I knew I would regret it. But there really is no point in beating […]

Being true to yourself

I’m not sure how to say what I’m about to say, I’m usually too lazy to edit what I’ve written, but I so want to say something, and say it right. I’ve been reading other blogs, and over the years I’ve read or seen stories, and I find it a shame that people like me […]

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