WOOHOO!!! a successful week! Another 3lb down!

I’m so pleased! I have lost another 3lb this week! Summary: 15 weeks healthy, 22lb loss in total. Mini challenge: 4 weeks into mini challenge, 5lb loss, 8 weeks to go, 23lb to go. (This aim is just to keep myself in check, I will be perfectly happy if I manage to lose another 12lb) […]

WOOHOO another 1lb down!

Hey all, hope you are well 😊 Great news… I’ve lost another 1lb!!! I know this doesn’t sound a lot, but I am pleased as punch with it! Last Saturday night I reckon I drank and ate a good couple of thousand calories, I’ve guestimated 3 days worth of calories, and yet I managed to […]

21st Sept 2019 – new exercises discovered! Oops food!

Evening all! There are loads of you who write great poetry, some funny, some profound, all of which are cool. I’m not a poem person, but something popped into my head, which I thought I’d share! I apologise in advance on every single level 🤣 My nose did melt, as his fart he dealt! There […]

Refusing to give up on healthy me!

Ok, last week wasn’t brilliant, last night was a disaster, that’s it, done. Back on track now. Beans on toast for brekkie, scales shortly, walk soon, healthier fish and chips for dinner tonight…. I’ll let you know if that all gets done in my evening update. Draw a line – don’t give up!

29th Aug 2019 – healthy day then chocolate

Today was a successful work day, as they so often can be. The chocolate covered flapjacks called loudly to me today. But… I stayed strong… YAY! I didn’t have my milk this morning, and until now had forgotten about it. I’ll have a glass shortly. Usual day stuff, nuts, grapes, cherries in the morning, salad […]

28th Aug 2019 – a healthy food day, and it feels good!

Mum came back from Canada yesterday after a month long visit with my aunt. I visited with her this evening after work. It’s so good to see mum again 🙂. We had such a lovely catch up. I think I might have a slight intolerance to milk. In an effort to increase my dairy intake […]

19th Aug 2019 – missed my cherries!

Evening dear blog! Feeling tired today, I’m not used to late nights anymore, or alcohol for that matter, the weekend was fab but knackering. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing exercises today, if I’m doing any exercises in the evening I always wait for a while after dinner, as my digestive system seems to […]

Not losing weight? Don’t give up!

Hello! This is a post for anyone who is disappointed with their weight on the scales – please don’t give up. That sinking feeling…. You’ve been sticking to your diet religiously, you’ve been doing your exercises consistently, and it’s come to weigh in time. You’re feeling nervous, excited to see what the numbers say, anxious. […]

A quick update on last night

Turns out when my sister-in-law buys pizza, she also gets a ton of sides! I love pizza, and I love chicken wings, garlic bread etc, etc. It was all there, right in front of me. So, I started with a chicken strip, then I ate my pasta and vegetables, and as if it was meant […]

15th Aug 2019 – a mostly healthy day with homemade risotto!

Hello! I’m feeling pleased with today, my usual daytime food- natural nuts, hard boiled eggs, salad, cherries and an apple, and a cheat – 3 small pieces of chocolate! I am not sorry for this, my intention is always to try my best, but if I need, and I definitely needed today, then I would […]

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