15th Aug 2019 – a mostly healthy day with homemade risotto!

Hello! I’m feeling pleased with today, my usual daytime food- natural nuts, hard boiled eggs, salad, cherries and an apple, and a cheat – 3 small pieces of chocolate! I am not sorry for this, my intention is always to try my best, but if I need, and I definitely needed today, then I would […]

29th July 2019 – hmmmm

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me. Weight gain – 2.2lb This weekend was lovely for friend time, I had my friend’s lad over for a cooking lesson, he wanted to know how to make a pie from scratch, which he now knows. It seemed a good […]

26th July 2019 – WOOHOO! Love liver!

I love liver, I’ve always over cooked it, so it’s always been a bit on the dry side, but there are a couple of recipes we’ve found which means we really look forward to it. Here’s the link to the recipe. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2723/liver-and-bacon-saut-with-potatoes-and-parsley And the great thing about liver is it’s chocka block full of loads […]

25th July 2019 – liver you say!?!?!

We decided in this clammy heat not to bother cooking liver tonight, it’s way too hot to be hanging over a cooker, so we had our fish and chips today instead. It might not be the healthiest of dinners, but it’s lightly dusted fish and oven cooked chips (with a bit of butter), so a […]

23rd July 2019 – back on track… almost

Still feeling grumpy today, for no other reason than hormones, and my tummy hurts a lot, and i’m generally achy everywhere. thank goodness for tablets. However, I resisted the chocolate covered flap jacks and stuck to my usual (sorry) daytime food. It’s amazing how unhungry I feel considering all I have during the day is […]

20th July 2019 – I fancy a burger!

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE If you have discipline, drive and determination nothing is impossible. – Bonnie Pfiester Ok, it’s Saturday and I really fancy weekend food, otherwise known as unhealthy takeaway! So, thought I’d make burgers. Really easy to make, here’s all that’s needed for the burgers (notice the mince is 5% fat). And here’s what’s needed […]

20th July 2019 – fry up

We love a fry up, and it’s not something I’m gonna give up! But, I have made healthier choices, so Sainsbury be good to yourself sausages and bacon, 1cal spray for cooking, scraping the full fat butter on bread rather than a thick layer. Now, my apologies for doing a calorie count, mostly i am […]

20th July 2019 – After yesterday’s post

So, the girls went home about 9.30ish last night, and I would like to tell you I got straight on with exercises and drank plenty more water. That’s what I would like to tell you. Instead, we sat down, stuck the telly on and watched live at the Apollo, then before a film, my other […]

19th July 2019 – Dinner is served

Wild family that we are, all with a cuppa! Anyway, this is our family dinner tonight, thoroughly enjoyed, and loads of veggies, and we’re stuffed! Perfect 😋 Goodnight

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