25th July 2019 – liver you say!?!?!

We decided in this clammy heat not to bother cooking liver tonight, it’s way too hot to be hanging over a cooker, so we had our fish and chips today instead. It might not be the healthiest of dinners, but it’s lightly dusted fish and oven cooked chips (with a bit of butter), so a […]

21st July 2019 – what a lovely day.

Today has been a lovely day, an afternoon out courtesy of a family fun day put on by my partners boss. The weather was lovely and warm, but overcast so no bright light to give me a headache. However, with drink and food put on, I did need to seriously think about my choices. I […]

20th July 2019 – After yesterday’s post

So, the girls went home about 9.30ish last night, and I would like to tell you I got straight on with exercises and drank plenty more water. That’s what I would like to tell you. Instead, we sat down, stuck the telly on and watched live at the Apollo, then before a film, my other […]

19th July 2019 (So far)

Feeling strangely non-achy today, I say strangely because I did the step exercises, twice, again last night, and still no aches. Not that I’m complaining! I went out to lunch with mum today, so I only had a banana during the morning. Very pleased with my lunch choice though, and very different to mum’s 🤣 […]

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