How did that happen! Weight loss success!

My goodness! Considering how rubbish I felt I had done this week, I can not believe how much weight I’ve lost! 5lb this week people… 5lb! Only 27lb more to go until Christmas 🤣 I guess by trying to counter calories this week, I’ve managed to keep a deficit going. On thinking back, I’ve swapped […]

20th Sept 2019 – good food day, a decision about exercise

Evening all, hope you are well 😊 I’ve decided that c25k isn’t for me as it stands. My hip was agony all day. The pain has subsided now, but only because of the magic of ibuprofen. I’m not giving up on it though, I’ve decided instead to do it on my airwalker. This will take […]

17th Sept 2019 – another successful food and exercise day!

Just come back from mum’s, now she’s back from Canada my sister and I are getting back into the swing of fortnightly girls evening. So lovely catching up. And even better, I’ve come home to an empty house, meaning…. I get the remote control! YES! Paul has been for a cycle today round Silverstone race […]

10lb lost in total! A review and a Thank You!

I thought I’d take stock of my journey so far for this first five weeks of my journey. I started out giving myself a goal of losing 2 stone by the end of September. I have five weeks left to go, so I’m not going to reach that goal. However, if I carry on as […]

23rd Aug 2019 – what a day!

Having spent the night at the hospital with my daughter, I came home and went straight to bed. Slept fitfully for a few hours then got up. Spent the afternoon with my daughter and her partner, and then some time this evening. I have managed to be fairly good with food, a blue cheese and […]

9th Aug 2019 – FAB day! Healthyish dinner, healthy day food, good exercise session

Yes, boringly my day food stays the same, and I’m getting used to my tea with less sweetness – MAJOR improvement for me 👍 As per previous post, I have done both step and strength exercises. We bought dumbbells so I used those, I can definitely notice the difference on weight, a part of me […]

An apology and an update – Success, lost weight

Hello blog, I’m sorry, I have not treated you with respect this week, I’d set out a plan, and disappointed both you and me by not sticking to it. Let me assure you dear blog, you have been in my thoughts, and as such have kept me on track with my personal weight loss and […]

29th July 2019 – hmmmm

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me. Weight gain – 2.2lb This weekend was lovely for friend time, I had my friend’s lad over for a cooking lesson, he wanted to know how to make a pie from scratch, which he now knows. It seemed a good […]

25th July 2019 – liver you say!?!?!

We decided in this clammy heat not to bother cooking liver tonight, it’s way too hot to be hanging over a cooker, so we had our fish and chips today instead. It might not be the healthiest of dinners, but it’s lightly dusted fish and oven cooked chips (with a bit of butter), so a […]

Fresh, Frozen or Tinned Veggies

What veggies are best – fresh, frozen or tinned? I always feel good when I’ve prepared my vegetables for dinner, It’s healthy, fresh food – what’s not to love? Well, here’s the thing – veggies are a living organism, or were, and from the second they’ve been picked they begin to lose all their nutrients […]

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