8th Feb – what a great day! 1lb loss.

Hey everyone, hope your weekend is going well 😊 Today has been a wonderful day! I had a fairly good night sleep plus an extra bit (greyed out bit). It has been so wonderful doing everything at our own pace. When we eventually got out of bed we chilled out for a bit with a […]

w/c 27/01 – Exercise Progression Update

Hey All, Each week I’ll be posting an update on the previous week’s exercises. This is the timetable I devised for myself to get fit and increase my activity each week over the next few months. You should see the last week! It’s almost unbelievable! In fact, I’ve taken a photo and posted it as […]

5th Nov 2019 – a much better day!

Hey all, Had a much calmer night sleep last night. Maybe Paul being at home isn’t so bad after all 🤣 Having said that, I was rudely woken an hour earlier than necessary because Paul hadn’t set his alarm back to 7! Mum had warned me last night that she’d planned belly pork for tonight’s […]

YouTube exercises I’ve used and what I think!

Good morning All, hope you are all well 🙂 I’m hoping this post finds anyone who feels like they may want to give some exercises a try, but are not sure where to start, or are nervous. I’ve been there too, am still there! but hopefully this post might just give you a little positive […]

20th Sept 2019 – good food day, a decision about exercise

Evening all, hope you are well 😊 I’ve decided that c25k isn’t for me as it stands. My hip was agony all day. The pain has subsided now, but only because of the magic of ibuprofen. I’m not giving up on it though, I’ve decided instead to do it on my airwalker. This will take […]

Couch to 5k – day 2/3, week 1/9 – hip hurts

Morning all, so I stumbled out of bed and grunted at Paul once or twice. Really did not want to do this today, especially after a poor night sleep, but heyho, I know it’s good for me. I am glad I did it, but both knees started hurting and my hip, oh my word, it’s […]

19th Sept 2019 – great food and exercise day.

Evening all, hope you are well. The pain in my side has gone, no idea when, I simply noticed it wasn’t there! My hip is no where near as bad as it was yesterday, good job as it’s gonna be worked again tomorrow morning (c25k day). Traffic was bad coming home from work, no idea […]

Couch to 5k – I’m gonna try!

OMG – I’ve decided I’m gonna do it. I can’t even WALK fast. Gonna see if there are earphones and joggers at shops tomorrow. If not, online order tomorrow night. crapping myself. Sarah Millican, please be kind 😳

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