5th Nov 2019 – a much better day!

Hey all,

Had a much calmer night sleep last night. Maybe Paul being at home isn’t so bad after all 🤣

Having said that, I was rudely woken an hour earlier than necessary because Paul hadn’t set his alarm back to 7!

Mum had warned me last night that she’d planned belly pork for tonight’s girl night, so to counter that I missed out some day food, and walked the long way round to mum’s. I say counter, more like lessen the damage 😉

I spoke to Amy today, and she’s enjoying her snack bags of fruit and nuts, she’s sounding very positive and I’m really proud of her for showing some care for herself.

Speaking of Amy, she started a different type of medication for her depression and anxiety, and it’s helping! Felt a bit touch and go for the first tenish days, but Amy is feeling a lot more settled! I’m relieved.

I’m pleased to report that Peter, my boss, has managed to get all the latex out of his hair after the Halloween competition last week, his face is still a bit red 🤣

Anyway, on to my important stuff!

Food – 28g natural nuts, salad, fruit. The nuts were eaten this afternoon instead of first thing. I wasn’t going to have them at all today given dinner, but they were needed this afternoon. It was that or sweeties! No egg though.

Dinner – belly pork, beetroot, potatoes and broccoli. I cut quite a bit of fat off, though not all.

Fluids – 400ml of milk (because I’m still struggling getting my dairy, and I knew I wouldn’t be having Greek yoghurt tonight). Glass of water and 4 cups of tea. Oh and half a can of Pepsi max at mum’s.

Exercise – as you know, I’ve been crap at getting back into my exercise. Today marks me starting again. Not from the beginning, but easing in, so I did the 7min cardio, and the 15 min strength programme. I am now using heavier weights so there is small progress.

And then I walked quickly to mum’s, taking the longer route. It’s odd, I walked to mum’s last night, and I felt like I was waddling, today felt like good striding.

So that’s my day, all in all I feel it’s been successful.

Just need to nag Paul now and make sure that alarm isn’t gonna wake me up at the ridiculous time of 6am 🤣

Night all

Published by jmarie1974

Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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