Couch to 5k – day 2/3, week 1/9 – hip hurts

Morning all, so I stumbled out of bed and grunted at Paul once or twice. Really did not want to do this today, especially after a poor night sleep, but heyho, I know it’s good for me.

I am glad I did it, but both knees started hurting and my hip, oh my word, it’s felt every single jolt! And still hurts now 10 minutes after stopping.

I had planned to go again Sunday, but am deferring to Monday.

Anyway I’m looking forward to a nice hot shower now.

Catch up later.

Published by jmarie1974

Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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