9th Feb – a bit of a change.

Hey all, hope you are well and rested. I did not have a good sleep, I think because I had alcohol, and because that alcohol was mixed with a good couple of cans of Pepsi max. We had beans on toast for breakfast. I also did a YouTube programme! WOOHOO! Getting myself sorted! It is […]

YouTube exercises I’ve used and what I think!

Good morning All, hope you are all well 🙂 I’m hoping this post finds anyone who feels like they may want to give some exercises a try, but are not sure where to start, or are nervous. I’ve been there too, am still there! but hopefully this post might just give you a little positive […]

Couch to 5k – day 3/3, week 1/9 – airwalker!

Morning all! So this morning saw me using my airwalker so I could do the c25k without feeling crippled during or by the end of it…. Much, much better! I feel much more confident! My hip hasn’t hurt once and because I was able to put some real effort in, I’ve sweated properly! My knee […]

13th Sept 2019 – another good day!

Evening all 😊 Today was a good day, tummy isn’t hurting so much, thank goodness! Had grapes, cherries, strawberries and nuts in the morning. Met mum for lunch and made healthy choices. Then for dinner, healthier fish and chips, with my sweetcorn and peas. Well… it should have been fish and chips! Again apparently there […]

2nd Sept 2019 – yep, exercises done!

Yes!!! Did the exercises… Greek yoghurt (fat free proper greek yoghurt, not greek style) eaten, with a drizzle of honey and seed mix. It’ll be interesting to see how my body reacts to the yoghurt. Now I am saying goodnight, promise 😁

A rest day from exercise!

Good Morning. Hope you are all well! Thought I would do a quick post about how I feel today – I started using heavier dumbbells in one of my exercises yesterday, and boy can I feel it today! I can feel it right across my shoulders, and my lower back, it’s not a bad feeling, […]

Exercise – sweating just thinking about it!

I’m lazy, as lazy as a person can be. For a couple of years, Paul and I would go for regular walks, every evening (weather dependent), sometimes going for a good few miles, other times, just doing two miles, that was great, got us out of the house, got us chatting. It did feel good, […]

20th Aug 2019 – good day

Hello 👋 I feel pleased with today, I have eaten well and done my exercises. For food I had my nuts, eggs, grapes and those delish cherries, along with my salad – YUM! I feel I should have either left my salad until later in the afternoon, or kept back some of my fruit or […]

14th Aug 2019 – interesting day

So, having looked into portion control (if interested please check out my previous post) today, I now know I don’t need to worry that I’m not getting enough protein, but I’m not getting enough dairy and may not be getting enough carbs. As a knee jerk reaction I had two slices of bread with my […]

13th Aug 2019 – I’ve got this weight loss thing down to a tee!

At the moment 🤣 Right now I feel like nothing’s going to stop me succeeding this time, it’ll be interesting to see how I feel over the next few days, as monthly meltdown is definitely gearing up! So, onto food. I had my lovely normal day time food, along with cherries and grapes… YES, I […]

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