The weekend catch up – And what a cracking one it’s been!

Hiya all, hope you are well and have had a fab weekend!

What a great weekend! As ever, when we’re in aunty and uncle mode, things are never perfect with regards to the healthy lifestyle change, and this weekend has been no exception. However… it hasn’t been chocka block full of bad choices, there have been some very good choices!

So Saturday started well, I got up and got straight on with the strength training.

Then made breakfast… venison (a healthier, leaner meat than pork) sausage sarnie, bbq sauce and real butter.

Then I walked to and from the shop, no car for me.

Then Paul and I popped to Boots so we could weigh… 1lb of, just in case you missed my previous post πŸ˜‰

Went and had a cuppa with my friend while Paul went to pick nieces up.

The girls decided they wanted to make cupcakes, and we wanted to do some arty stuff with them, they also didn’t have lunch before coming to ours, and we needed a dinner idea, so a trip to the shops was necessary.

All nieces and nephew on both sides of the family are very fussy, so food is difficult!

One had a ham sarnie, the other had a load of grapes and a banana. Me and Paul had some dried fruits and nuts.

The day was peppered with lots of stuff, Sofia starting to learn to play chess, Lilly making and remaking her new jigsaw puzzle lots of times, very very pleased with herself! Oh, and balloon catchy uppy on lava floor and deciding to try using my dumbbells 🀣

The kids made their cupcakes, mostly the eldest one πŸ˜†

Then Paul took Sofia (eldest) out to play… they managed a rally of 10 ball hits 😊

Lilly (younges) watched some weird kids stuff… bing I think!

This gave me time to get dinner going before the kids knew veggies were involved!

We had healthy spaghetti bolognese, mushrooms and onions included, which the kids don’t like. It’s always a struggle to get the kids to eat, and with this dish I call the spaghetti wigglies, the kids love it! They ate almost all their dinner, and said it was really nice πŸ˜†

In an effort to increase they’re food tastes, I also made some cheese garlic toast, they were not persuaded! Paul and I had to eat it all.

We had ice cream for afters.

Then the kids discovered the joy of marbling oils! As expected they loved the pretty swirly patterns!

And after doing the same with our other young nieces a few weeks ago, this time I made the kids wear latex gloves and Paul’s tee shirts!

Then it was time for story time for Lilly and bed, and games with ‘Fia.

Paul and I shared a bag of healthier crisps and I had water to drink.

By the time Sofia was ready for bed, we were already yawning badly! So I was pleased to collapse into bed at 11.30!

After the kids had eaten, Paul and I had beans on toast for breakfast.

Then Paul went out to buy our salads and the girls painted their flower pots (bought by the older sister Carly) for mother’s day. I used this time to prepare our nuts and fruits for the week.

Then the kids cut l shapes out of their pictures which were now dry from the night before.

Then there was lots of sticking ready for framing! The girls share a bedroom, so they did a collage for themselves, then another one for their mum.

We took the girls back home and were invited out to dinner by Paul’s mum and dad, who are looking after the kids over night.

And we accepted!

Oh… all the lovely food on the menu!!!!

I was surrounded by pie and chips, macaroni cheese, hunters chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken nuggets, onion rings, garlic bread, onion barjis, chips.


So I had…

Pasta with rocket and chicken! It was creamier than I expected, so not as healthy, but definitely a lot more healthy than everything else.

Because it was creamy, and a bit cajunny and peppery, my stomach grumbled quite a bit!

This meant mine and Paul’s planned walk didn’t happen after our aunty/uncle time was over. Instead we came home and gloried in silence for a while.

Then we went out, despite just feeling like chilling! We had a great walk! No wind so we weren’t cold.

When we came home we finished Fia’s crisps. Not good, but as you’ll know, me chucking food away is a hard lesson I’m still trying to master!

So all in all a successful weekend and a great weekend!

Am I ready for the week? No! I need a rest πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Hope you are all rested and ready for the coming week πŸ™‚

Good luck in all your endeavors this week.

Bye for now.

Published by jmarie1974

Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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