24th July – a non strenuous day today. Masks!

Evening all, hope you are looking forward to the weekend 🙂 I’m gonna start this with a thought on masks. Here in England it is now law that we wear masks. They’re uncomfortable, makes my skin feel uncomfortable, and I don’t like the hot moist breath. I will of course wear them, despite my dislike […]

31st March – A Catch Up

Hey All, hope these times aren’t weighing too heavily on you. I keep having mood swings, nothing bad, nothing to worry about, just enough to make me not bother with stuff. Unfortunately this blog being one of them. So what I’ve decided is this, I’m not going to put you good people through my mood […]

3rd March – the food was quite good.

Hiya all, as anticipated this post is a day late… for which I blame our eldest niece 😄 Had to rejig the day somewhat as I was supposed to be popping in to mums. Luckily after speaking to mum on Monday she was happy for me to pop in Wednesday instead of Tuesday, meaning if […]

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