24th July – a non strenuous day today. Masks!

Evening all, hope you are looking forward to the weekend 🙂

I’m gonna start this with a thought on masks. Here in England it is now law that we wear masks. They’re uncomfortable, makes my skin feel uncomfortable, and I don’t like the hot moist breath. I will of course wear them, despite my dislike of them, and here’s why.

It is every person’s duty to behave in a community minded manner, this is the same regardless of the society a person lives in, and has always been the case. This enables harmony within the society.

Regardless of our personal beliefs about the effectiveness of masks, we don’t know that they do not work, so we should wear them just in case they DO help against the deaths of our friends, families and wider communities.

My wearing a mask probably won’t give me any protection, but my wearing a mask probably will give anyone I am are close to some protection. I don’t have the virus… to my knowledge… but any stranger I pass doesn’t know this (and let’s face it, I might have it) and I don’t know if they’re virus free.

Of course, I’m pissed off with our government, we should have been wearing masks much sooner, instead of our lying government saying “there’s no evidence masks help, so no masks necessary” they should have said “the evidence is inconclusive at this point, we simply don’t know” i would have been wearing a mask or at least a face covering months ago.

So let’s all mask up and continue to be good to one another.

Right, enough of my rant!

I’ve had a very lazy day today, nothing to report.

Sleep – it wasn’t too bad a night.

Fluid – 200ml milk, 3 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea.

Food – 40g natural nuts and 75g dried fruits for breakfast.

Beans and cheese on half a jacket potato with a knob of proper butter.

We were getting rid of two bits of cheese, a healthier cheddar, and a creamy blue, so there were two dairy portions in lunch.

Dinner was lightly dusted cod with oven chips.

And fruit for afters.

Exercise – I’m aching quite a bit today, so decided on a non walk day today. But I still did my resistance programme and the additional arm strength routine. I don’t mind admitting to you that I’m glad not to be doing anymore strength until Monday… my muscles are hurting!

Unfortunately my watch ran out of battery half way through so no tracker screen shot, but its about 30 minutes with both routines.

Challenge board – again the water is thanks to the board. All in all pleased with progress this week.

I’m probably going to have a square of dark chocolate and a vodka and pepsi max this evening.

Night all 🤗

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Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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