21st July – another fantastic day.

Hiya 👋

Despite the sun hiding all day when we went to Skeggy on Saturday, it still managed to get me! I always carry factor 50 suncream, my sunhat and sun glasses, but because the sun didn’t actually emerge, I didn’t use them!

Now my forehead is suffering… grrrrr! You can just about see the inflammation above my left eyebrow. This will get worse over the next few days. Hey-ho, lesson learned, even in a non sunny day, cream required!

When mum came to dinner on Sunday she was saying how she just can’t get the motivation to go to our local park for a walk, so today she and I went to the park just with the aim of enjoying the outside for a while.

Mum didn’t want to take her walking stick, feeling self conscious, but as I said, she doesn’t know anyone there, she’s not having xmas dinner with them, so it doesn’t matter. She laughed and took the stick.

I’m glad she did, since having her knee replaced she worries about falling over, the stick gives her stability and confidence.

Well we didn’t just go and spend some time sitting on a bench, mum managed to walk around the top part of the park! We took it at a nice gentle pace, took one bench break and then another one with a drink from the cafe. Mum had a vanilla milkshake… with cream! I had a bottle of apple juice 😇

It was a nice way to spend an hour or two, so pleased for mum, with any luck she will now have the confidence to start going on her own again. 😊

My butt cheeks are quite tender from Angela’s exercise bike, hope they’re OK before tomorrow when I’m thinking of going back to Angela’s!

Anyway, onto the day.

Sleep – less said the better!

Fluid – 200ml milk, 1 cup of tea, 1 bottle of apple juice, 1 Pepsi max and 3 glasses of water. Thank God for my challenge board, I wouldn’t have bothered with the 3rd glass of water without it.

Food – I got up quite late today so didn’t bother with breakfast other than half a cookie with my tea.

For lunch we had greek salad with sweetcorn left over from yesterday, couscous, hummus and chicken.

Mid afternoon I had fruit and nuts. Not as much as usual, just enough to see me through to dinner.

Then we had slow cooked lamb curry, white rice (I know! My preference would be the healthier, less refined brown rice, but Paul doesn’t like brown rice and he was cooking) with a flatbread. It smelled good and tasted better!

Then for supper we had some fresh fruit.

On updating my challenge board I found I had slipped on dairy… again… so I had a babybel.

Exercise – YES!

This morning I did the youtube (body project) cardio workout.

Then tonight we went for a walk and a stop at the local supermarket. The first 3km before going into the shops were the best I’ve done in months.

Challenge board – water and dairy was completed only because of he Challenge board. Glad I kept them on the board, though I do wonder of I’ll ever naturally be good with water and dairy.

So that’s my day.

Bye for now 🤗

Published by jmarie1974

Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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