24th June – another great day!

Hey all, hope you are all well. It’s so hot here today, my feet were burning on the pavement every time I nipped into the back garden!  I really should wear my flip flops.  But then, I’m getting what Paul calls “fat foot”   never happened in England before, only abroad.  So, flip flop probably wouldn’t […]

23rd June – a great kickstarter day!

Hey all, hope you are well. So I weighed myself this morning, and was shocked as I’ve put a good few pounds on.  I shouldn’t be shocked, I’ve had loads of alcohol, bbq and a chip shop fish and chips!  Well… life is life, I’m way to far into my journey to have not learned […]

IM BACK!!! Kid free for a while 😁

Wow! What a week! I’m not a gardener, I can grow weeds! Now I have a nice bit of garden, it’s not fantastic, but it’s getting there. Paul has done a lot of the donkey work with tidying and digging over the bald patches of lawn, I did help, but he definitely did the lions […]

Radio Silence – we’ve got the kids again from tomorrow!

Hey all, just to let you know my usual daily reports will now drop off until Thursday or Friday. We have the monsters back tomorrow. I’m going to try and take a pic of everything and anything that passes my lips, and post that every evening. I shall also post my graph each morning. So […]

13th June – A wonderful family afternoon.

Hey all, hope all is well with you. We have just said goodbye to Paul’s parents as well as Amy and Katie. It’s Katie’s birthday in a few days and Gwen wanted to see the girls as it’s been so long. This morning Paul and I had fruit and nuts for breakfast, knowing the day […]

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