10th July 2019

1st blog

My first blog, oooh this is exciting! So, I’m going to use this week to make sure all naughty foods are out of the house, then at the weekend I’ll pop to Boots to get a print out of what their scales tell me I weigh, as of this morning I am 16 st 13 lb on my home scales, a UK size 24, and consistently 5’5″ 🙂

I’m excited for how I hope to see myself in the future, though I know I always start off enthusiastically, I’m hoping this will continue for at least my initial two and a half months.

It’s daunting knowing I have 10 weeks to lose 28lb, that’s nearly 3lb per week – hopefully the first week, which I’m counting as Sunday 21st, will show a good weight loss and encourage me to continue.

Good wishes welcome!!!

Quote for today

It took more than a day to put it on. It will take more than a day to take it off.


20th Sept 2019 – good food day, a decision about exercise

Evening all, hope you are well 😊

I’ve decided that c25k isn’t for me as it stands. My hip was agony all day. The pain has subsided now, but only because of the magic of ibuprofen.

I’m not giving up on it though, I’ve decided instead to do it on my airwalker. This will take pressure off my joints.

I will need to be careful I don’t do too much on the airwalker, it’s a non resistance piece of kit, and my ‘stride’ on it is much, much longer than my own natural stride when walking. Still, I’m looking forward to the workout I will get, especially in conjunction with the c25k programme.

Then, when I’ve lost another half stone, I’ll try properly outside again.

I’m also going to try yoga out, as I think I need to get more flexible.

So I’m hoping to get my regime as follows:

Monday am – airwalker c25k

Monday pm – yoga

Tuesday am – yoga

Tuesday pm – quick cardio, strength 1&2

Wednesday am – airwalker c25k

Wednesday lunch – yoga

Thursday am – yoga

Thursday pm – quick cardio, strength 1&2

Friday am – airwalker c25k

Friday pm – yoga

Saturday – quick cardio, strength 1&2

Sunday – nice country walk

This is the aim, I can’t concentrate on all that properly until I’m back from Wales next weekend, I’ll do as much as I can this coming week though, with at least one exercise thing every day. Also, I’m human, so there will be times I can’t hit it all.

So, onto today.

Exercise – c25k

Fluid – 200ml milk, 2 cups of tea with halfspoon sugar, 1.5l water.

Food – Forgot my nuts, so had 160g fruit for breakfast.

Went to lunch, just with my daughter this week as mum was having work done at her house.

Olives, pineapple, rice, pasta, rice, raisins and low fat vinegarette
I had chicken salad, Amy had halloumi salad
And Pepsi max

Then tonight we had sock eye salmon with spuds, sweetcorn and peas.

So that’s my day.

There’s been a miscommunication between Paul and myself, I thought we had this weekend together, just us, no commitments, in fact i made a point of saying we should have kids last weekend so this weekend we could relax together before Wales next weekend. Paul doesn’t remember this, nor me stating i couldn’t wait for our quiet weekend together.

He ‘reminded’ me that he’s off to London tomorrow over dinner this evening.

I’m feeling quite low at the moment, I was so looking forward to full weekend of us time.

Never mind, there’s plenty of ways I can spend my day tomorrow, visiting my friend, maybe a nice walk, tv programmes I don’t make Paul watch 🤣

It’s also been ages since I’ve done girly things! My nails need some attention as does the monobrow 😊

I am worried about my food tomorrow, we don’t have anything for 1 person. I shall need sensible and motivated head on tomorrow.

Going to chill out for the evening now.

Night all, til tomorrow 🤗

Couch to 5k – day 2/3, week 1/9 – hip hurts

Morning all, so I stumbled out of bed and grunted at Paul once or twice. Really did not want to do this today, especially after a poor night sleep, but heyho, I know it’s good for me.

I am glad I did it, but both knees started hurting and my hip, oh my word, it’s felt every single jolt! And still hurts now 10 minutes after stopping.

I had planned to go again Sunday, but am deferring to Monday.

Anyway I’m looking forward to a nice hot shower now.

Catch up later.

19th Sept 2019 – great food and exercise day.

Evening all, hope you are well.

The pain in my side has gone, no idea when, I simply noticed it wasn’t there! My hip is no where near as bad as it was yesterday, good job as it’s gonna be worked again tomorrow morning (c25k day).

Traffic was bad coming home from work, no idea why, no accidents or anything, just rough traffic. Luckily Paul was cooking tonight.

So, on to the day…

Food – 25g natural nuts, 1 hardboiled egg, 160g fruit (black grapes, strawberries, blackberries). Salad for lunch.

Liver for dinner. Impressed with Paul, he made a swap to his recipe, creme fraiche instead of sour cream. He looked at the traffic lights on both products, and opted for the product with greens and oranges rather than the product with reds!

Dinner was delish!

Fluids – not so good with water today. 200ml milk, 3 teas, .5l water, half can of Pepsi max. I’m hoping to get another glass of water in. Tomorrow I’ll remember to take a bottle of water to work.

Exercise – yup! I didn’t do the step routine, Paul really struggles with it (hip problems from birth) so we did cardio and strength. And then we started a harder strength programme… OMG! It’s a killer! It is good, not as much an all rounder as the original, but good.

I figure I’m quite happy to do more strength as I’m thinking of alternating daily between jogging and youtube exercising.

Paul is a true love! He’s made our yoghurt with seeds and honey while I update you guys 😊

Anyway, enough of my mindless chatter 😀 I’ll update you tomorrow


Part 4 – THE NETHERLANDS – some cool facts!

So, here we are again for just a few fab snippets, today on The Netherlands!

As usual, these are just a few snippets, do feel free to comment with more fab facts 🙂

  • The Netherlands are the Fifth happiest nation according to the UN World Happiness rankings, and the kids and young people are also happy souls, even though their counterparts in other countries are experiencing increasing rates of depression and anxiety – Go The Netherlands – you’ve got something very, very right!
  • The Netherlands have come top of the list in an Oxfam report for being the healthiest country in the world for diet. They have the most healthy and affordable food.
  • The Netherlands have the oldest national anthem in the world – words and music date back to the 16th century
  • Their TALL folk! Men are the tallest in the world on average, and women are the second tallest in the world!
  • Need a bit of Dutch courage? Reach for the gin, which was invented by the Dutch in the 16th centruary!
  • There are over 1000 windmills still standing!
  • The Netherlands produce around 80% of the world’s flower bulbs! But… TULIPS are not native to the Netherlands! The tulip was imported from Turkey in the 16th centuary!
  • The Netherlands is the lowest country in Europe, with 26% of the country sitting below sea level!
  • Licourice – it’s an acquired taste – The Dutch love it! so much so they eat 32 million kilos of the stuff each year! that makes them the champions at global liquorice consumption!
  • Purple carrots anyone? The orange carrot – you can thank the Dutch for that, during the 16th century, and with careful breeding the Dutch made orange THE colour for carrots, using the carrots at the time, which ranged from pale yellow to purple!
  • There is no such thing as queuing in the Netherlands – it’s every man, woman and child form themselves!
  • The Netherland’s traditional footwear is the CLOG – a wooden and (usually) painted shoe, and they are still popular with agricultural workers as they’re great for walking on muddy ground. They’ve also been certified as safety shoes!
  • The Netherlands football team are said to be the best national team never to have won the World Cup. What a shame, given some great players, including Arjen Robben!
  • And speaking of sports, we have to mention Daphne Schippers! she was a 2 time heptathlon world champion and if that wasn’t enough, she is now a specialist sprinter!
  • And, i’m sorry for non-sports readers – but we can’t not mention Max Verstappen – the youngest ever F1 driver! He was the grand old age of 17 when he first competed in F1!
  • Those forward thinking Dutch plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2025!
  • The Dutch were the first to legalise gay marriage!

I have been fortunate enough to go to the Netherlands, but that was so very long ago. I remember it being an absolutely beautiful place as we were driving though, with great markets. I would love to go back again at some point.

I’ve added links to sites I’ve used. Please do add your snippets in the comments box if you have any 🙂




18th Sept 2019 – great exercise and food day!

Hello! Hope you are well today 😊

I’ll start today’s update with exercise! I started the c25k this morning, and I don’t mind telling you my hips are getting stiff after sitting down for a while today, and my backside aches! I mean…. really?!?!?

Now on to food – 25g natural nuts, 1 hardboiled egg, 160g fruit (strawberries, apple, blackberries) and at lunch time salad.

For dinner, healthier sausages with passata, dried herbs, garlic, onion, mushrooms and healthier pasta. I ate slowly and stopped when satisfied. There’s now a portion freezing for another day.

I’ve prepared our yoghurt for a little later, Greek yoghurt, seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup this time. We didn’t have yoghurt last night. Really need to get on top of dairy intake.

Fluids – 1.5l water, 1 cup of tea with 1 halfspoon sugar, 200ml milk.

So. . Yeah, great day, again! Feeling pleased with myself 😊

So that’s more than enough self satisfied smugness from me!

Wishing you all a good evening 👋

Part 3 – MEXICO – some cool facts!

Ah, so the stunning Mexico, I have been fortunate enough to visit and soak in Mexico’s sunshine, and visit some of their fascinating historical sites!

So after a little delve on the internet, below are just a handful of fantastic facts – feel free to add more in the comments 🙂

  • Mexico is the SECOND happiest population in the world according to the Happy Planet Index!
  • Mexico is thought to be home to about 10% of the global biodiversity
  • Day of the Dead – It isn’t as macabre as it sounds to non Mexicans – it’s a day to celebrate and honour loved ones, who are thought to come alive on this one day
  • Mexico is the home to one of the seven wonders of the world – Chichen Itza! 2.6 million of us visit every year to be stunned and amazed by this incredible pyramid – me included!
  • Mexico is home to the worlds smallest volcano – Found in Puebla, volcano Cuexcomate stands at a teeny 13 metres high! luckily it’s inactive!
  • Mexicans make stunning silver jewellery. And speaking of silver, Mexico was named the worlds largest silver producer in 2017!
  • Old Gods can be cruel – It is estimated that in an effort to appease their Gods, the Atzecs sacrificed around 1% of their population each year!
  • Mexico is the world’s largest beer exporter
  • Who knew!!! Mexico is home to one of the worlds LARGEST pyramid! Cholula Pyramid can be found in Puebla
  • Ceasar salad was invented in Mexico!
  • Mexico, we adore you – you are the originators of CHOCOLATE!
  • Mexico can get a tad warm – how about taking a dip in a cenote! Cool, clear, deep and clean, these fresh water pools are a welcome relief! They are also one of the most beautiful geological features on the planet!
  • Mexico is the site of the asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaurs, and it’s because of this that cenotes exist
  • Who hasn’t been pleased to see the Mariachi bands! This traditional music has been dated back to at least the 18th century!

I think I would be very, very pleased to return to Mexico, I’ve seen Tulum and Chichen Itza, but would happily go back again, but then….. There’s just so much more to see! I dream of the day we might be able to go back.

Anyway, that’s it for my little snippets of garnered info, links I’ve used below. Do you fancy adding some more snippets? Please do feel free to leave comments 🙂




Couch to 5K – day 1/3, week 1/9 – DID IT

I DID IT! First day done!

I’m not sure if my jogging bits count as there was never I time when both feet were off the floor, and I lot of time both feet were touching the floor 🤣🤣🤣

That goodness for sports bras! I wonder if they do sports knickers, stop the backside bounce?!?!?

Who knew 60 seconds could feel soooo long! However, on the whole it wasn’t as bad as I expected, wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to Friday morning, but I’m not dreading it.

Anyway, on to the shower for me! Have a good day/evening all 😊

17th Sept 2019 – another successful food and exercise day!

Just come back from mum’s, now she’s back from Canada my sister and I are getting back into the swing of fortnightly girls evening. So lovely catching up.

And even better, I’ve come home to an empty house, meaning…. I get the remote control! YES!

Paul has been for a cycle today round Silverstone race track with his work mates, so will now be eating all the calories he’s worked off!

I had my usual with a bit of variation today, 25ish g of nuts, with the addition of pistachio nuts, 160g fruit which included black grapes, apple and blackberries, 1 hard boiled egg. My usual salad for lunch.

Then for dinner, mum boiled carrots, her home grown spuds, steamed some broccoli and oven cooked fish cakes. I think my tummy is shrinking, there was no way I could finish it all!

I turned down a dessert of custard pot. But I’ll make up some yoghurt shortly, as that’s part of my daily dairy.

Fluid – 3 teas with 1 half spoon sugar in each. 1.2l water, 200ml lactose free milk, and I’ve been nursing a can of Pepsi max now for about an hour.

Exercise – Yes, yes and yes! All three programmes done! Pain in my side is still there but not as bad. My earphones have arrived, so I s’pose that means I have no excuse to not begin the c25k tomorrow…. GULP!!!

So Paul’s now back, I’m refusing to relinquish the remote! Apparently he and his work mates went to maccy d! Four fully grown men, and they chose MacDonalds! Paul assures me he chose a small meal, so well done him 👍

And now, I’m going to do yoghurt and relax for a couple of hours.

G’night 🤗

My Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations…


Such a wonderful honour to be thought of and appreciated! In addition, it’s awesome to get to know the nominators a bit better. Thank you, Matt Snyder of  A Prolific Potpourri. Matt, you are an honest soul, and I absolutely LOVE your artwork, in particular your birds. I’ve also spied a recipe or two I’m liking the look of. It’s a true pleasure to follow you.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award passed down from blogger to blogger as a way to show appreciation. The blogs that create inspirational content, shows great creativity, and positivity is selected by a previous nominee. It’s a pretty neat award system!

This helps newer blogs get discovered, grows your network, and can also help you make beautiful friendships with like-minded people. While you are encouraged to participate, you don’t have to. It’s okay if you decide not to, blogging is hard work but the nominees definitely deserve the shout out.


My 11 questions for the nominees

  • Who is/was the most influential person in your life and why?

I’ve thought long and hard about this, the name that keeps cropping up is Jean M Auel, a writer who’s work I started enjoying when I was about 13. The heroine was a young girl who was going through a lot of things, and yet she was a girl growing up true, strong and independent – she was a character I fully identified with. That mattered very much to my young self, and I believe that helped to keep me feeling stronger in my life. I also love anything to do with human evolution, neanderthals and the ice age because of this author.

  • Do you have any pets ?

Nope, my daughter convinced me to have a cat just over 11 years ago (she named him Splodge) but then when Paul and I moved to our own home last year, we left the cat and the daughter in that property. I still worry about him though, and we still buy all his food, just in case…. Is it wrong we buy the cat food, but nothing for my daughter and her fiancee? 😀

  • If you could go back in time in your life which year and why ?

If I had to go back in time, it would be to a couple of years ago, just so I could spend more quality time with my family, and in particular my now passed step dad.

  • What was your first concert?

Oh, difficult, there were plenty of gigs, but I can’t remember who they were now, first proper single artist concert was Alice Cooper at Round House, London

  • Have you ever flown or sailed and if so to where, if not is there a reason ?

Flown – I’ve been so lucky – Greece, Turkey, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Majorca

  • Aside from blogging, what are you passionate about ?

I am a part-time passionate cook – i say part time, because I love nothing more than spending a few hours in my kitchen cooking or baking, but rarely get the chance. When I do get a weekend where I can be indulgent, by the time I go back to work my feet and back are usually killing me!

  • What was a milestone in your life you are particularly proud of?

Coming through depression, not that I knew it for that at the time, in hindsight I’ve spent the majority of my adult life with varying degrees of depression. Finding my inner peace and contentment. Mine and my daughter’s lives improved so much after my mental health became better.

  • Do you have any regrets in life ?

Plenty, but where I can, I live by knowing there’s nothing I can do about the past but learn. Then carry that forward.

  • What are your fears ?

Other than spiders :D. I found love late (we we’re both 33), the type of love I had never witnessed when growing up. What I am blessed with is no fairy tale, but it is kind, compassionate, friendly, respectful and equal. I do fear losing this, that fear sometimes manifests in my dreams when my mental health is a little off kilter

  • What issue in today’s world gets you riled up the most?

Oh my, there is a LOT! Idiot and lying politicians. Peoples’ inability to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

  • How do you like your pizza (Toppings, style, Hot or cold) ?

Stuffed crust, bbq base, ham, sweetcorn, pineapple, mushroom – hot at night, room temperature in the morning

I’ve found it really difficult to select just 11 to nominate, I love following all the people I follow. I nearly didn’t follow through with the nomination because of how hard this is! (I’m also an idiot with tech, so had to have some very basic help :D)

Obviously, what everyone enjoys is subjective, we don’t all like the same things but this is a way to “pay it forward”, so to speak, and to showcase what these writers feel they need to share. I hope you decide to take a look!

I Nominate:

My Weight Loss Journey

Lose weight or die

Breaking up with Fat

Fatman Slimming

T. P. S. G.

Take Back Control of your Kitchen

Taking Control Of My Life

Thoughts from a Fat Old Lady

100 days

One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and living past 100


My 11 questions for the nominees

  1. Who is/was the most influential person in your life and why?
  2. What have you done that’s made you feel most proud of yourself?
  3. What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  4. Should Chinese or Indian food be eaten the following morning?
  5. What do you prefer, sitting quietly watching the waves roll in, or being out in the waves?
  6. Is there a famous person you would like to meet?
  7. Is there anything you would like to change about your personality?
  8. Are you a ‘glass half full or glass half empty’ person?
  9. Where would you love to travel to?
  10. What item of clothing can you not cope without?
  11. What period of time would you like to go back to and why?


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive this award
  4. Write 11 new questions for the nominated bloggers
  5. List the rules and display them on your post
  6. Notify the nominees about the nomination by commenting on one of their posts

16th Sept 2019 – an excellent day!

Okay, so Paul went shopping, and picked me up some exercise clothes, top at size 22 fits fine, bottoms at uk size 20, ummmm, I can get them on, I just can’t move in them 🤣 hopefully they’ll fit in a few weeks 😊

Sainsbury’s active wear!

That, believe it or not, is the best of a bad bunch of photos Paul decided to take, and instead of sending them to me via our wassap, he sent them to a group wassap!  I mean…. who really wants to see the rolls of fat!  Luckily, the group he sent them to was the group which includes us, our daughter and her fiancee, and not the wider family!  HE’S STILL GRINNING!!! 😬

Ear phones and phone holder on order. Almost ready to start my impulsive decision to do c25k. Still dreading it!

Anyway, on to business!

Food – 160g grapes, 25g natural nuts, 1 hardboiled egg, salad, 1 banana.

Dinner was a freezer (planned) day, salmon..  the tiniest portion you’ve ever seen, that explains why they’ve stayed in the freezer! Along with my usual oven cooked spuds, frozen sweetcorn and sprouts.

I’m now tucking into 120g Greek yoghurt with seeds and a drizzle of honey.

I’m sorry, already started eating it 😋

Fluid – about 1.5l water. 2 cups of tea with halfspoon sugar and 200ml lactose free milk.

Exercise – walked round to mums rather than drive, was a bit puffed which is what I wanted, that was 2000 steps, then proper exercises after dinner. Again I did them in the new order, 7 min cardio, 15 min strength, 10 min step. Still got that weird ache in my side.

And that’s me for the day.

Paul is still sticking with salad and mirroring my food, he’s saying he’s a bit hungry. He’s going to stick to what he’s been having for now, it could be that he just needs a brown roll to keep him topped up. I’m sure in a week or two his stomach will shrink a bit anyway.

Anyway, that really is me for the day!

Goodnight all.

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