24th June – another great day!

Hey all, hope you are all well.

It’s so hot here today, my feet were burning on the pavement every time I nipped into the back garden!  I really should wear my flip flops.  But then, I’m getting what Paul calls “fat foot”   never happened in England before, only abroad.  So, flip flop probably wouldn’t fit 😄

Talking of my garden, still nothing from my herbs other than the basil, which seems to be doing quite well. 

And the bath is gone!!!  Background…  when Paul and I moved in, we decided to have a shower room.  We both prefer showers to baths, and we opted for not hoisting our legs over a bathtub for our showers.  That was neatly two years ago, and the bathtub has been in the garden since…  I was beginning to think up gardenny ideas for it  😆. 

Today Paul cut it down and got it down the tip.  That spot will now be our bbq spot!

Paul’s also made a great start on the hedge in the front garden, our incinerator has been burning now for about 7 hours with the trimmings!  Now don’t misunderstand me, we do not have a huge garden, front or back, we’re just rubbish at maintaining…  a LOT of growth!

I’m feeling a little pleased with myself, I’ve been saying for weeks I need new knickers, until yesterday I was wearing my size 24s, they weren’t flattering to begin with, now they’re just saggy!  So on Monday I picked some up, nothing special, supermarket bought.  I was secretly nervous about wearing them, maybe I’m not  size 18, maybe I’m kidding myself, blah blah blah.  They fit lovely!  Chucking the old ones away after I get some more next week!

I didn’t go for a walk today, but I sweated a lot doing my housework, and it took me a good 2.5 hours, so I’m counting that as exercise.

Nothing else to chin wag about, so here’s my daily details.

Sleep – have to tell you I’m feeling knackered, have done all day. Not a great night.

Fluid – 200ml of milk, about 1.2l water, 1 cup of tea and 1 can Pepsi max.

Food – yet to have nuts, I’ll probably have them to snack on later tonight.

Porridge and honey
Homemade Greek salad, 2 tbsp couscous, 1 tbsp hummus, some chicken, followed by strawberries.

You’ll notice cream on the table, I didn’t have any, I did however have half a teaspoon of halfspoon sugar sprinkled over.

Tofu stir fry

So a meat free day today. The tofu was breaded, so not as healthy as it could have been. The rice (bottom of bowl) was white instead of brown. But 1.5 portions of veggies.

So there we have it, I’m pleased with today.

We have a treat tomorrow night, a lady is coming round to give our feet a nice treat! My mum and daughter have their feet done by her, I’ve never had a foot treatment, so I’m really looking forward to it.

And on that note, I shall leave you in peace 😁

23rd June – a great kickstarter day!

Hey all, hope you are well.

So I weighed myself this morning, and was shocked as I’ve put a good few pounds on.  I shouldn’t be shocked, I’ve had loads of alcohol, bbq and a chip shop fish and chips! 

Well… life is life, I’m way to far into my journey to have not learned some lessons; 1) I know what to do, and I’m perfectly capable of doing so, 2) my “diet” is enjoyable and I’m never hungry, 3) my diet is great for my body, 4) I can get my fitness (such that it was) back, I just need to not be lazy, 5) I know not to give up, and indeed have not given up.

To be honest, I have absolutely no negative feelings.  This old brain of mine has already kicked into gear, and helped me have a great day.

Yes I know I can only concentrate on me until Sunday, and then I’ll just try to manage, but after that I’ll have another week that’ll be all mine.

As we all know, life sometimes overalls our personal plans.

So, here’s how my days been.

Sleep – URGH!  Way too many loo stops!

Fluid – 200ml of milk, 200ml pineapple juice, approx 1 litre of water, 1 can pepsi max.

Food – 40g natural nuts, 75g dried fruits, 1 cheese portion. 

As Paul had done a long bike ride (50km) we had 5 bean baked beans and cheese on brown seedy toast for lunch.  I grated far too much cheese, so about half went back in the fridge.

We had liver for dinner, swapping the bacon with healthier turkey rashers.

We’ve also had 1 square of dark chocolate.

All in all I’ve had all three dairy portions, all 5 (just about) portions of fruits and veg, daily portion of lentils and pulses, more than daily portion of nuts. Proteins eaten at each meal. So a good food day.

Exercise – I’m pleased with my walk today, it is true that my fitness level has dropped, it is also true I am still a lot fitter than a year ago. But the main reason for being pleased is that I got of my backside and I walked out the door.

Not sure how far I walked, my watch and phone don’t agree despite being linked, as you’ll see!

No idea if I walked 5.6km or 6.6km!

Anyway, that’s my day, speak tomorrow 👋

IM BACK!!! Kid free for a while 😁

Wow! What a week!

I’m not a gardener, I can grow weeds!

Now I have a nice bit of garden, it’s not fantastic, but it’s getting there.

Paul has done a lot of the donkey work with tidying and digging over the bald patches of lawn, I did help, but he definitely did the lions share, this week, with the help of nieces, I was able to plant out some herbs and onions…. and I have basil shoots already… so excited! As for the onions, slight error on my part, I now have 8 pots and tubs of them in my small patch of eden. As I’m new to this, I fully expect to kill some of them off, but still, hopefully a good yield anyway.

We planted sunflowers a couple of months ago, half of them, the ones in pots, have survived and are growing wonderfully!

And our bald lawn patches… there are “tufts” as Paul calls them of fresh green grass growing!

Other than gardening, we took the kids to whipsnade zoo last wednesday, had our lunch in a great thunderstorm, soggy sarnies… nice! And of course saw loads of animals. Kids loved it, as did we, but we had chippy that night. Oops.

Got some new marbling oils a few weeks ago, so that provided another afternoons entertainment for the kids.

We had the kids a day longer than usual, but Sofia behaved better than usual so it wasn’t too hard a week.

Sofia managed to have no strops, not even little strops. And as for Lilly, or as I like to call her, little miss elbows, she is very close to recognising and understanding numbers 1 to 10, and can now read a good 12 or 13 words from the peter and Jane book I got here, she is even beginning to be able to make up sentences with those words I wrote down and cut out for her! I’ll only have 1 more week with her, as she is going back to nursery, but I’m hoping she’ll definitely understand her numbers and know a few more words by then.

There’s been catching up with people too.

Saw Amy and Katie on Saturday night, which was lovely.

Had a bbq round at lou and Gwen’s on Sunday, with Paul’s sister and kids, so nice to spend time with family.

Saw my friend yesterday, it felt like we hadn’t had a cuppa and natter in years, not months!

For regular readers, you’ll know I started, and then failed, to do updates during the week. Having got on the scales this morning I wish I had made the time, I have put weight on!

However yesterday Paul and I went shopping and we’ve got only the foods we had before the virus, so this week at least will be a full on healthy eating week, which started this morning.

We went for a walk yesterday, only 3km. I find that any walking I do now makes my hips ache, with luck this will ease the more walking I do.

I went for a decent walk today, around 6km, it was slow, 1hr 22mins, but it was a good walk. Paul outdid me though, 50km bike ride 🤣

So that’s my catch up, I’ll post a proper daily update tonight.


Radio Silence – we’ve got the kids again from tomorrow!

Hey all, just to let you know my usual daily reports will now drop off until Thursday or Friday. We have the monsters back tomorrow.

I’m going to try and take a pic of everything and anything that passes my lips, and post that every evening.

I shall also post my graph each morning.

So nothing about life I’m sorry to say, just the bare bones.

Stay safe, stay well.

Speak soon.


13th June – A wonderful family afternoon.

Hey all, hope all is well with you.

We have just said goodbye to Paul’s parents as well as Amy and Katie.

It’s Katie’s birthday in a few days and Gwen wanted to see the girls as it’s been so long.

This morning Paul and I had fruit and nuts for breakfast, knowing the day was gonna be full on, until family arrived and we’d finished preparing all foods.

It did the job, no hunger pangs getting in the way of necessary work.

So, shopping, home, greek salad and fruit salad prepared, burger mix prepped yesterday shaped into patties, alcohol free punch made (though Gwen and I may have slipped a bit of rum in a couple of ours 😁), cheeses, chutneys sorted, cakes and flapjacks presented, KFC style chicken cooked in oven, burgers and turkey sausages barbecued. Actually, would have been much easier to give a pic!

Lots of unhealthy foods, but lots of healthy or healthier foods too, life has still to be lived, balance is key.

We all ate well, Katie appreciated the banana loaf cupcakes, especially as in one we stuck in a couple of candles 😀

Remaining foods have been doggy bagged out to both households. Interestingly, nobody touched the crisps, for adult only gatherings I shall remember not to buy any.

The day was mostly warm if a bit blustery at times, but we all liked being outside. It did start to rain for a while so then we relaxed inside.

It was lovely catching up, not so much me and Paul because we’re in contact with both households, but for the girls and Amy’s grandparents.

Anyway, nothing else to report.

Byeee 😊

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