11th July 2019

Have made a good start for today, below is my breakfast and snack. I read we should be including more natural nuts into our diets, a small handful a day. They’re good sources of fibre and loads of nutrients, but also calorific, hence the sorry looking small handful. I’ve swapped regular fizzy for very enjoyable max cherry drink, which is in my opinion much, much nicer than any other diet drink, and as for the eggs, unsalted! And I got a nice treat, one of them was a double yolker! And a good protein source.

10th July 2019

1st blog

My first blog, oooh this is exciting! So, I’m going to use this week to make sure all naughty foods are out of the house, then at the weekend I’ll pop to Boots to get a print out of what their scales tell me I weigh, as of this morning I am 16 st 13 lb on my home scales, a UK size 24, and consistently 5’5″ 🙂

I’m excited for how I hope to see myself in the future, though I know I always start off enthusiastically, I’m hoping this will continue for at least my initial two and a half months.

It’s daunting knowing I have 10 weeks to lose 28lb, that’s nearly 3lb per week – hopefully the first week, which I’m counting as Sunday 21st, will show a good weight loss and encourage me to continue.

Good wishes welcome!!!

Quote for today

It took more than a day to put it on. It will take more than a day to take it off.

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