16th July – I should have realised the new bbq would be used ASAP!

Hello!  Hope you are all well.

A whole week fag free! I’ll write a quick post separately for anyone interested.

Today has been another enjoyable day with our neice, school work all completed without issue, and no real problem with food. 

We didn’t go out today as we (Paul) were like a children with a new toy, so we invited Amy and Katie down to join us for our first evening bbq on the new piece of kit!

Sofia was particularly happy about this as Amy acts daft around her and makes her laugh constantly.  Amy will also play games with Sofia, however Amy can’t let even kids when, so poor Sofia lost a few games!

Although today has felt non stop, we really haven’t done much! Mind you, thinking about it, I did exercises mid morning, then showered, sat with a cuppa, prepared lunch, had lunch, sat with Fia for her English lesson. But no, after that I sat for a while and pottered about, so I haven’t been non stop 😆. I’ll just got on with the stats.

Sleep – it was a bitty night, but I did get plenty of sleep, about 8.5hrs in total, and not many loo stops. I felt a lot better for this sleep.

Fluid – 200ml, 4 glasses of water, 2 alcohols with Pepsi max, 3 teas. Ill have another half glass of water before bed.

Food – 40g natural nuts and 75g dried fruits for breakfast.

Greek salad, hummus, couscous, kabanos (polish sausage) and a slice of Paul’s bread for lunch.

For dinner I had more greek salad, potato salad (made plainly with parsley, garlic puree and light mayo), 2 sausages, 1 roll, 1 chicken thigh and some pork. Oh… and some bbq sauce and garlicky sauce.

We were all loving the bbq food, and already can’t wait for our next!

Exercise – yup! Today was stretchy programme followed by cardio programme!

So the challenge board is looking a bit tame, having said that I might need yo keep dairy on next week, pleased that water intake is good though.

There we are, my day. Bye for now 🤗

15th July – a great day with neice, healthier choices made!

Hello!  Hope you are all well.

What do you think?  Bee or hoverfly?  Or something else entirely?

Only thought about fags three times today.  6 days a non smoker!

Today has been a great day with Fia, no arguing, complete engagement in her work, even help throughout every stage of pizza making!

A bit of background, Fia comes from a household that hates food, even food never tried!  There have been hidden vegetables, hangry afternoons on times she’s refused to eat “hated” lunch foods despite liking them previously and screaming abdabs!

Sofia has also spent the entire lockdown believing she should not be doing any school work!  She has been an incredibly difficult girl to every single adult, every single day, every single lesson!  She hates me working with her cos when she starts I ignore her, don’t let her move from the table, don’t let her do anything.  She is used to people giving up, screaming at her, and letting her have her own way, she doesn’t know how to deal with me sitting next to her and completely ignoring her.  She gives up with “fine!  I’ll do it!”  And then produces OK work.

Yeah…  I am definitely the wicked aunt! 

And yet…  today has been such a joy for her and us!  Not even any fibbing today!  It really has been a wonderful day 😊

Paul and i have rediscovered one of our regular parks through Fia!  My rule with kids and country parks is this, providing safe to do so, they can run free, but they must be able to see me and Paul at all times.  Today Fia wanted to be a leader, and so we followed her through the woods in the park. 

It was great!!!!  We normally go round the outskirts, which is a fairly flat path, the woods however…  WOW!  Full of lots of tiny hills!  I think its for bikes, my legs got a great workout!  Next time paul and I go, we’re taking our poles, a much more interesting walk!

Here’s just a couple of pics.

Given Sofia’s reluctance with food, we always make a pizza when she’s here, she likes adding her toppings and enjoys feeling like she’s cooking.  I encourage this to the max!  Pizza might be unhealthy, but getting comfy in a kitchen is valuable!  When she asked for Pizza this morning I told her she would be making the dough as well, not leaving it to me.  And she did – happily, she even smelled a few dried herbs and added them to the dough! 

There was no healthy stuff on Fia’s (again her mum has a hatred of fruit and veg, and has instilled this on each and every child), but I’ve managed to get grapes, cucumber, a bit of sweet pepper and a fruit juice down her today.

So, apart from bragging about my wonderful day, nothing much else to add, so I’ll get on with the info.

Sleep – URGH! This morning was a struggle!

Fluid – 3 cups of tea, 3 glasses of water, 200ml milk, 1 can cherry Pepsi max.  I’ll have another glass of water this evening, so that will be over 1.3l just in water.

Exercise – yes, I did the hasfit youtube strength programme today.

And of course our walk.

Food – yesterday I prepped mine and pauls fruit and nuts for the week, so breakfast is 75g dried fruits (thats 2.5 portions) and 40g natural nuts.

For lunch we had greek salad, Moroccan couscous, Maltese bread, hummus and a bit of chicken.

For dinner… gulp! So, chicken, sweetcorn, pineapple, onion, mushroom, garlic puree, mozzarella. I couldn’t resist salami, so had a small amount. Toppings are fine, the flour, oil and cheese is the problem! Mind you.. cheese has put me over 3 dairy portions, so thats a bonus 😁

And my challenges? Here’s my new board!

There we go, a great day 😊

14th July – a great day!

Hey all.

We are finding things much easier this week with only one monster to deal with.

With just Fia, I’ve rediscovered lost time, for instance Fia is old enough to wash herself, doesn’t need bedtime stories and is quite happy to spend some time on her own.

The upshot of this is that I have found time for me!

Yesterday I rediscovered youtube and did stretches, cardio and strength training!

Today I did a harder cardio (youtube body project) but still easy enough for me to do if not keep up with. I also went for a walk, Sofia came with me, i think she was a bit shocked as I was walking a decent pace for me, not the toddler pace we’ve been doing for Lilly.

Poor Sofia though, she kept grumbling and saying she’s tired, i told her one more grumbly word and I would make the walk longer!

Needless to say, non grumbly conversation from that point 😆

Now, before I give daily details, here’s some garden news!

We have four of these.
Strawberry plants
No idea! Bee friendly wild mix
2 of 7 sunflower plants.
2 of 8 onion pots
Perfectly serviceable bbq
The new bbq, or at least it will be!
New chimenea – always wanted one!

I am beginning to fall in love with our garden ♥

Anyway, onto the day…

Sleep – generally crap at the moment.

Fluid – 200ml milk, several glasses of water (at least 1 litre), 3 cups of tea.

Food – 40g natural nuts, 80g dried fruits, greek salad, couscous, hummus, small piece of chicken and half a slice of Paul’s homemade bread for lunch.

I had a babybel for a snack.

For dinner we had salmon with rice and sweetcorn.

And a bit of fruit for dessert

Exercise – a good day!

So there we are, a great day!

I’ll set up some challenges for myself, I either get fully on board or fail miserably, but It’ll do me good to get fully refocused.



Hi all, what a strange few days!

So, first off…  Still a non smoker!  Naughty nicotine monster is still there, still hanging around inside my head, but I’m stronger! 

Weighed myself in Boots the other day, since my last weigh in in March, I’ve lost the grand some of 4lb.

I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed or not, I mean there’s two ways of looking at this, the number is justified, exercise has been all but non existent, healthy eating has been sparodic. I haven’t been brilliant to my body, it’s the correct reward for the effort put in.

However, now I know I do not need to feel disappointed, I did lose weight, I did eat healthily, and here’s the important bit, I ate healthily without thought!  When eating crisps or chocs, takeaways, or drinking alcohol, all those were conscious decisions, the healthy eating just happened!

So now I feel great!  I feel fired up!  All being well, Wales is 7 weeks away, Snowdon is obviously out, but all the other walking will be great!

I like to set myself a challenge, as regular readers will know, I fail more often than not, but occasionally those challenges help me succeed, or at least be better than just plodding along.  So, 7 weeks, 14lbs????  It’s a tall order, and more than I would normally aim to lose (between 1 and 2 lb for sustainable weight loss), but hey!  This might give me the shove I need to lose more than the recent 1lb a month 😆

I’ve started well this week, I’ve rediscovered youtube exercise programmes yesterday and today, and heathy eating is 100% during the weeks, with occasional weekend naughties or treats!

Here’s my last two boots tickets.

Saturday just gone
Mid March

OK, time to prepare lunch!

It feels good to have the right head on!

I am no longer a smoker!

Hey all

Although happy to help my sister in law out and take children on, there has been a part of me that has missed what Paul and I had hoped would be an amazing opportunity to work on our health and fitness. 

So, this week, I decided I would work on something very important, my smoking.

A bit about my vice, I started smoking at about 10 years old, stopped for two years because of a school switch, then started and never stopped from 14. I have been on 20 a day since I was about seventeen. I am now 45.

Last October, my sister gave me an amazon voucher for my birthday. I used that voucher to buy a book, details of said book shortly, to help me to stop smoking.

Stopping smoking has always been on my agenda.

When I started my healthy journey nearly a year ago, I assumed my quitting the old fags wouldn’t happen until, and only if, I managed to succeed in losing weight.

But as I got fitter and healthier, I realised I actually wanted to give up smoking. It isn’t just the weight that was stopping me getting up arduous hills, it’s the fags!

Well, that was my healthiest point, since then, there has been xmas stress, death and supporting my dear, newly widowed friend, and covid. My health and fitness is nowhere near as good as then… but it will be, and better 😊

So this week, with freedom from neices for a few days, I wanted to do something that would be huge boost and benefit for my health.

For 2 days I read this book, and yesterday afternoon I had my last ciggie.

Based on previous quitting attempts, I expected to be climbing the walls and pulling my hair out, I am not!

Yes, I keep thinking “I want a fag”, but it’s just a thought, the empty feeling lasts a minute, if that, and I’m good again. And when I get that thought I also tell myself “I do not want a fag, if I did I wouldn’t have wasted my time reading that book”.

When asking Paul if I’ve been grumpy he says I’ve been a bit tetchy, but nothing else.

So this post isn’t about me being self congratulatory, I am one day in, as each hour passes I assume I’m becoming less hooked, but plenty (including past mes) give up and end up smoking again.

The purpose of this post is to tell anyone else who is thinking about quitting, to do it! Buy the book, have an open mind.

Quitting smoking this time has been extraordinarily easy! As I feel right now, I will never be a smoker again. And I have not suffered… AT ALL these last 26 odd hours!

And… I’m back!

Hello WordPress family! Hope you are well.

So, despite being away for what feels like ages, I don’t have much to tell you.

Things to report, clever little Lilly can now read all of the first Peter and Jane book. She was so pleased when she understood all these words she was reading meant she was actually reading a book all by herself!

The first day Lilly read through the whole book on her own!

Normally toys and books at our house is ours so all visiting kids get the benefit, being our youngest neice (she’s 4), I let Lilly take the Peter and Jane book home, I expect there would be a Lilly showing her mum, her visiting big sister (Carly) and her brother her wonderful new reading skills 😊

I’ve now received the 2nd book in the series, which I shall give to her on Sunday. Unfortunately, I don’t think much will be done with the new book, Lilly is now back at nursery, and her mum will be tired from work. But you never know.

Sofia still can’t go to school, so her care is still being divided between us and grandparents. Things will be easier for us with her, now we don’t need to keep Lilly entertained anymore, whichever adult isn’t working with Sofia on schoolwork, will now be able to do some proper exercise.

Sofia isn’t going to like this arrangement, Paul is easier on her than I am, I do expect sofia to do her work properly. For the last few weeks with us, I’ve taken Lilly and Paul’s kept on with Fia, for ease and lack of childish tantrums.

Now we can put us first without detriment to Fia’s learning.

Exercise hasn’t been the best, there have been a few good walks, and a visit to my friend who has a rowing machine and Exercise bike.

Food has been mostly good, then sometimes very bad such as a huge pack of crisps last night! Here’s a small snapshot of foods.

Seedy bread with turkey sausages
Steak and chips
Fruit salad and ice cream – blame Paul for 2 scoops!
Spag bol
Remaining spag bol on half a jacket spud
Vegan burger

This meal does deserve a paragraph! Paul and I try to have a meat free day a week, this burger is vegan and the brand is Naked Glory. This burger was juicy and succulent, it did not have a meaty taste, but was very enjoyable. We’ll definitely be having it again, and trying other things from the Naked Glory range.

Believe it or not Paul is an adult, he just likes a smiley face 😀. Eggs cooked in 1cal, turkey sausages and mushrooms.
Fish and chips
Steak and oven cooked spuds
Greek salad, couscous hummus and chicken
Porridge and honey
Tofu stir fry
Lamb curry
Fruit salad
Greek salad, Paul’s first ever homemade Maltese loaf, hummus, couscous.

A shout out to my Paul! This is the first loaf of bread Paul has made, it was lovely!

I actually have parsley growing now! So sage, basil and parsley. We also bought a couple of strawberry plants, which are doing well, and I’m really excited about my onions, they’re stems are nice and strong!

There is a little bit more news…

This week I made a promise to myself, relating to my health, I had to dedicate 2 days to it, this time was for reading, and as of yesterday, I can say I no longer smoke!

I’m not going to talk about this anymore on this post, but will put a separate post up for anyone interested.

So there you are, that’s my update. I should be able to update continuously now, though probably not every day.


27th June – a lovely day, Radio Silence begins.

Hey all, hope you are well.

I’m writing this for Saturday on Sunday morning.

This is my last update for a few days, we’re picking up kids in a few hours. I shan’t bother to tell either you or me that I’ll try to do updates, I’ll say instead if I can I will, and if I can keep up with your posts I will.

Thankfully the day has not been as hot and muggy as before, and we had a much more comfortable walk.

We went to Rushmere park, most of which is under shady trees. I think this is my favourite local park, because it’s woody the ground is soft with vegetation. It’s also quite a hilly terrain, so I’m not just plodding along on a straight boring path.

This is the park with a particularly nasty hill at the end of the walk. Last time I was here I actually managed, for the first time, to get up it in one go. Surprisingly, and very happily, I managed again to get up it in one go today!

Here are some pics:

In other news, I have some shoots in my sage pots!

As for food, not a brilliant day, and a bit of alcohol too.

Here’s my daily info:

Sleep – not a bad nights sleep.

Fluid – 200ml of milk, 1 cup of tea, 200ml pineapple juice, several waters, 1 can Pepsi max, 3 glasses of amoretta of Pepsi max.

Food – Turkey sausage sarnie in seedy bread for breakfast.

Steak and chips for dinner. I left some chips.

As you can tell there wasn’t a lot in the way of fruit and veg, so I made up a fruit salad which Paul then served up later in the evening. Paul’s idea of an acceptable amount of icecream is completely different to mine 😀

I also had a babybel cheese portion, so with the milk that’s 2 of 3 portions. Fruit and veg has suffered today, 2.5 portions if I’m lucky. And as for nuts, the recommendation is to eat 28g every day, so providing I have 40g on 5 out of 7 days, I’m happy.

Exercise – a very enjoyable walk.

So there we are, that’s my day.

If not before, I’ll update again next Saturday.

Bye for now, stay safe.

26th June – Unexpected exercise!

Quick update, Paul half heartedly suggested a walk, I half heartedly agreed to a short walk, we’ve just done an hours walk, distance just over 4km! Happy days!

It was nice as the sun’s gone down and there’s a bit of a breeze.


26th June – Ok, not the best, but some good choices.

So today hasn’t been the best, no exercise at all, instead I’ve sat around and melted! I can say though that food choices could have been a lot worse!

Popped round to see my mum this afternoon, and my sister and her children were there.  It was so lovely seeing them!  We’ve seen the kids only once these last few months, and that was through a window.

Some of my onion plants look more healthy than others, feeling rather proud of those green shoots! I can’t believe I haven’t killed all my plants off 🤣. My herbs still aren’t showing any growth, other than basil.

As I’ve nothing else to tell you about, I’ll get on with the daily info.

Sleep – not too bad for once, only up 4 times.

Fluid – 200ml of milk, 200ml pineapple juice, 1 cup of tea, 1 can Pepsi max, 4 glasses of water (over 1.2l) of water so far, I’ll be getting another glass shortly.

A note on the water – I’m drinking still bottled water which is flavoured. It’s supermarket own so it’s cheaper, and I really like it. I can drink this water quite happily, whereas I struggle with council pop (tap water), even if used with squash/cordial.

Exercise – no, none today. I honestly feel like I’m melting today.

Food – ok, so we haven’t been totally on the ball today, but we’ve made healthy choices… on the whole.

I asked Paul what he wanted for breakfast, his answer? Fry up! So, baring in mind we both need to keep engaged and motivated to keep going, I cooked a fry up.


It was just under 500 calories!

We had turkey rashers not bacon, turkey sausages which are just as enjoyable as pork sausages, mushrooms gently cooked in olive spread not butter, egg fried in a couple of squirts of 1cal spray not oil, 1 slice of seedy bread not 2, spread with olive spread not butter.

And I left some of mine, not much but some.

As breakfast was late, we then didn’t eat until dinner. Again, not the healthiest meal, but much more healthier than fish supper from the chippy. Oven cooked chips, peas, onion rings (wanted the nearly empty packet out of the freezer) and lightly dusted sole.

I left half the chips.

You’ll notice there’s not been much in the way of fruit and veg, mushrooms and pineapple juice this morning and peas this evening. And neither have I had my nuts (as recommended by WHO and NHS), so I’ve weighed off 40g of nuts and 75g of dried fruits each for tonight.

I’ll also have a babybel later as I’ve only had 1 dairy portion and I should be having 3 a day.

So, a failure on exercise and a failure on fully healthy, unprocessed food, but a success on making the day a much, much healthier day than it would have been in the past.

Well, that’s my day, speak tomorrow 😊

25th June – Another Fab Day!

Hey all.

Ok… first off, last night! I didn’t have the nuts as I had said I probably would, oh no, instead i had a glass of cider, a chocolate and a pineapple juice.

Now on to today.

I’ve had my feet done… and it feels great! Abigail, our foot doctor, did an amazing job, and I can’t stop feeling my lovely smooth heels! She has also given some great advise – rather than trying to get rid of all hard skin infrequently, try getting rid of a little bit regularly. Apparently the skin’s response to the former is to create thicker skin in defence! Makes sense. We’ve also ordered a cream advised by Abigail, I’ll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, I’m enjoying walking around on my new feet!

And very much welcome considering our walk today! We went round a local park called Sywell Country Park. It was a lovely walk, and I appreciated shady bits very much. But most wonderful was just hearing and seeing insects and birds. My favourites are the electric blue damsel flies.

I was glad for my sun hat, a strange thing happens to my forehead should a bit of sun touch it for a few minutes, I get weird and massive white lumps under the skin, which just grow and then crack! My family call me a Klingon when I’ve not been careful 🤣

Below are a couple of photos from my past Klingon moments!

Had a call with mum and sis this evening, not much news to swap, but good to see there faces looking back from my screen.

So… are you ready?

Here’s my daily info:

Sleep – still crap!

Fluid – 200ml of milk, 1 cup of tea, countless glasses of water, 1 can of Pepsi, 1 can of diet coke.

Particularly pleased with the diet coke, this was after our walk, I was hankering after full fat coke, Paul had a bottle of water and an ice cream, and I stuck to diet coke and no ice cream!

Food – 40g natural nuts, 75g dried fruits for breakfast.

We both enjoyed lunch so much yesterday, we repeated it today. Greek salad, bit of chicken, hummus, couscous, followed by strawberries with a tiny bit of sugar.

Dinner was gammon and egg with oven cooked spuds.

I cut off most the fat and made sure I stopped when satisfied… almost… another spud hopped into my mouth 😉

Exercise – we did not push for times today, we just enjoyed the outside!

So, there we are, a great day, sticking to my personal food regime, and getting some exercise. Hoping for another couple of good days until we are beleaguered with monsters… oops… kids again

Bye for now 😃

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