My thoughts on Blogging as a Newbie

Good Morning 🙂

Sometime ago, I was chatting to my daughter and my mum (separate conversations – I can chat inanely!) about starting a diary recording my ‘weight loss journey’, I tried and failed, both in my diary and my weight loss…. again!

Then a couple of months ago I was chatting my poor daughters ears off, yet again, and I happened to mention that maybe a blog is the way to go. She agreed, she said if I had a blog, I might be held more accountable. My thoughts were I just prefer to type than write – it’s quicker 😀

But my daughter has a blog, only 2 updates on it, discussing her mental health, and that helped her. So, all those weeks ago, she helped me to set up this. It was frustrating, give me a type writer and I’m fine, give me something totally out of my depth and I’m screwed! That afternoon, I nearly gave up in frustration (hasten to add, it’s me, not WordPress!), but my daughter kept me going.

Then, after a couple of hours… BAM I had a blog set up and live!

And then I got a couple of likes, and follows, and that’s when I understood what Amy meant by accountability!

Prior to that moment, I thought a blog would help me keep a check on myself, and that if anyone followed me (which I seriously doubted), they could track my (hopefully) progress, and if it worked for me, that follower might be able to take something away from my blog. I wanted a warts and all blog, so when I slip (and for anyone that follows me, there’s plenty) to also see I can get back up and keep going (as can they).

After that moment, it’s not exactly that my thought process has changed… It’s more that now I’m much less likely to become complacent, and that when I fall down, I pick myself up asap! As more and more people followed me, the more I feel the need to keep going.

This is fantastic for me, I mean, I was not expecting to feel… tut, not sure of the word… obligated is way too strong… No, correct word escapes me, basically knowing i have people who are genuinely interested in reading about my progress, and that sometimes there is something that may just give them pause for thought in their own journeys too, makes me want to carry on, to prove it can be done.

And of course, the joy of following has become a HUGE bonus to me. I mean, I really don’t even do facebook, so I wasn’t really aware what blogging involved – I love reading the updates from the people I follow, and I’ve incorporated loads of tips into my lifestyle change, and I know that when I’ve had a wobble, I have people who will comment on my wobble posts, giving me support and encouragement – makes me feel very, very positive.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I love seeing my little notification telling me there’s a new like and or follower! I’ve never taken myself for vain, but I think I obviously am 😀

And for every post I read and enjoy – i click that ‘like’ button! and when I find a new blogger I like, I follow! I try to go to that bloggers first post, but some of you guys have been on here for YEARS! My computer can’t cope with all that scrolling! Anyway, so I like and I follow, because I love, well, all sorts, could be the style of writing, could be the wit, could be the content, could be the openess shared about struggles, you’ve taken the time to write, I’ve had the pleasure of reading, obviously I’m going to like 🙂

There’s still loads I need to learn about blogging, I mean, loads!

Things I have learned:

  • untick the ‘uncategorised’ tick in catagories
  • add in categories relevant to post and add in tags
  • no more than total 15 categories and tags
  • bloggers want to be found – it’s not rude to search for them! (sounds stupid I know, but I felt like I might be encroaching)
  • I’ve learned not to check my statistics more than a couple of times a day – I told you I was vain! It will be what it will be, I’m thoroughly loving what I’m doing as follower and followee, I don’t need a statistic to give me some measure of how well others might think of me 😀

Things I’ll try to learn:

  • how to reblog another bloggers post
  • find out if there is a way, and how, to get to a bloggers first post without the slide bar getting smaller and smaller!
  • how to use sub-categories

So if you’re a brand new blogger – from one nearly brand new blogger to a brand new blogger – reach out – there are so many people out there, all with loads to share! We might not all agree with each other all the time, but everyone’s thoughts are valid. Do comment on blogs if you brain automatically formulates a response, it makes blogging so much more interactive and enjoyable. If you like seeing people like and follow you, then other people will like you liking and following them 🙂

There’s loads I know I still have to learn, I just don’t know what they are yet – I’ll find out as I’m going – I’ve tried to read a couple of the tutorials, but i’m so not technically minded, i’m always embarrassed as I just don’t understand 😀

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, although I would like to say, if you have any ideas on ways I can make my blog more interesting, please do let me know – i’m thick skinned, REALLY thick skinned, so unless your out and out insulting me, I won’t be upset and will love any tips you have to help me improve my content, look etc (although please don’t ask me to write more amusingly – I’m at my limit there – a lot of you are just AMAZING – you can have me in stitches or floods of tears – literally! – oh the power of words :))

Anyway, I think that really is it for now 😀 So, I’ll catch ya later.

Published by jmarie1974

Hi, I'm Jo! 44 years old,and on a quest to become my ideal weight! Like many people, I've been lost in the world of dieting, and will be documenting my journey to becoming a healthier me!

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  1. I have found that blogging helps keep me on track. Knowing there’s a handful of people out there who read my updates makes me want to stick to my diet because I don’t want to appear a quitter. I know if I did stop my diet and no doubt regain all that weight, then I’d no longer be posting anything. Reading other peoples blogs helps me understand that I’m not alone. I’m a heavy user of Facebook and belong to a wonderful support group which I regularly post on, but I like having my ‘own space’ as well. I still have a lot to learn also.

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    1. Yes, I’m the same barring Facebook and outside support groups! This definitely keeps me on track. And like you, I like my own space, this way I can be honest without people I physically know learning more than I want to share 😊


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